You can now find milk on the shelf.

Within the last year or so I remember hearing about shelf safe milk. I remember thinking how can milk be safe left on a shelf and had this conversation with my husband. We went online to see what we could find out about this. One thing we noticed right away was that shelf safe milk has been around since the 1960's but Canada has been a late adopter in UHT milk. Shelf safe is made with Ultra High Temperature. This infograph explains the difference between traditional and shelf safe and check out the video below.
This milk also has all the nutrients of regular milk with 8 grams of protein and 9 essentials nutrients -  calcuim, vitamin A, D,B12, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, riboflavin, niacin and zinc – nearly half of the daily recommended vitamins intake in a 250ml Tetra Pak!

Milk in these Tetra Paks retain their quality for six months on the shelf, just make sure to check the best before date when buying to know how long it will last on your shelf at home. Once open you need to drink/use it up within 7-10 days and it needs to be refrigerated.

One thing I love about the Tetra Pak milk is that you can freeze them the night before and then pop it in a lunch box to keep food cool and it will be ready for the kids to enjoy at lunch. Even if you don't freeze you can have the peice of mind that the milk you pack in the morning will still be good at lunch especially in the spring and summer months. These are great for camp as you know your kids need the milk but their lunches sit around in the heat until they are ready to eat them.

I also love to have one or two on my shelf in case we run out of milk. It doesn't usually happen much but before having the shelf safe milk I have missed out on a morning coffee after the kids hit up the milk first for their breakfast.
The video below explains the process of how milk is made to be safe on the shelf in a super simple way.
You can find shelf safe Tetra Pak milk in Canada, check out the Where to Buy locator to find a store near you.

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Have you tried shelf safe milk? 

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  1. I tried it and didn't love it! I think I would keep it on hand for an emergency during baking, or if I was in going camping, but as a day to day sub? I just didn't love the taste!

    1. Anonymous1:45 PM

      It is great to have on hand in case you run out. I wasn't a huge everyday fan but then again I use milk for cereal and coffee.. My kids really liked it, so it works out great for the warm months

  2. This is so bizarre! I'd never heard of this. i mean, I've seen coconut milk and stuff on the shelf, but not real milk. I'll have to try this out and see if I like it. I can definitely see how this would be nice to keep on hand for an emergency, though.



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