First Rescue Dog For the Kids

As you can likely tell in our house we love 4 legged furbabies. Last week was a busy week with P in a sports camp. As we were coming home from picking up P from camp we stopped at one of the busiest intersections in our town. When we were waiting for the light to turn green I noticed this little dog jumping up and down on the side walk near one of the vehicles in front of us. I looked around and didn't see a owner anywhere behind us and wondered who's little dog this is. I also wondered if the people in the car where going to get the dog or just drive off. After waiting a minute or two I decided I needed to pick up the dog myself before it ran out into the busy street. I put on my four way flashers and jumped out of our van to get this little dog.

This little dog was super friendly and warmed up to the kids within seconds. We toured the neighborhood asking if anyone knew the dog but nobody did. We then went home to see if anyone reported a lost dog to our local shelter or animal control. No luck but we gave all the information to the animal control people and then we wait.
Molly and the "Little One" (as we named it) got along great and went for a couple walks together and spent time bonding. I kept reminding the kids that we are only having the Little One until we find its owner and that we are not to think it will be our dog. They did really well with this.

The next morning I received a call from Animal Control but after talking to the lady she said never of the calls she got that morning were for the dog I was describing. So we wait some more. I sent off pictures to the animal control to have for when she would get a call.

Friday afternoon arrived and Animal control came by to scan the dog and came up with no chip but he said he would go back into the area we found the dog and see if he could find the house. A couple hours later we got a call telling us that the owner has been found and would be coming for her dog.

It was a tearful goodbye from A but P did really well keeping it together and telling his sister that we should be happy that the dog has its owner again.

I am super proud of the kids for helping me look after this little dog that lost its way. I am really considering being a foster for a rescue shelter in the future. We first need a bigger place with more area for dogs to run.

Have you ever found a lost animal? Where you able to find its owner(s)?

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. I have found lost animals and have always been able to find the owners. With one exception, a bunny that someone had probably just dropped off on the edge of town. That was 8 years ago, his name is Lucky and he's still with us. I think fostering is a great idea. You can help so many animals that way.

  2. Aw! How super cute was he too? That must have been hard to give back to the owner. Sweet kids you have!

    1. Anonymous1:32 PM

      Thanks Paula, it was super hard especially since the own had to be found and didn't seem to be looking for her dog. She also wasn't that thankful when she picked the dog up.

  3. BTW once we did find a cute wee dog like that and my daughter got all Dora on me and we had to pull over and chase it through the cemetery of all things but we couldn't catch the thing. I was so worried it would run away and get hit by a car. It was fast!

  4. How sweet. Glad you guys saved him and found his owner. We had a loose dog running down our street one day and we had my dog corral it back to our house. No tag, no name, nothing. We sat outside with her for about 20 minutes to see if someone would come looking. No one did. Then Tobei drove around the neighbourhood with her and still nothing. After 2 hours of looking we called humane society to come get her. That evening I called them back to check on the dog and they said the owner was on the way to pick her up. A couple weeks later same dog ended up at my door again. This time with a tag and number. I called and it ends up she lived right around the corner. She likes to jump the fence and the woman ran a daycare. I brought her dog home for her.


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