March Break Fun with Hasbro!

The kids officially kicked off March Break Thursday afternoon as they had a PA day on Friday. "A" was excited to see a few new items waiting in the living room for her and P. Right away she went to the My Little Pony Flip & Whirl Rainbow Dash. A tore into the box and played with her new Rainbow Dash all afternoon. The pony went everywhere even to bed. A tucked in Rainbow Dash right beside her in bed. Flip & Whirl Rainbow Dash I have been told is Flippin Awesome! Sit Rainbow Dash down and she will do back flips. We had fun taking a few pictures of her flipping! This toy does require 1 AAA battery but comes with one.
P jumped right on the Nerf Reblle Heartbreaker Bow Blaster (even with its pink & purple darts) He was okay running around the house sending off darts this way and that way! One whizzing passed my neck and hitting the counter as I prepped dinner. Boys, eh? This has been one of his favorite Nerf toys. He even went on a hunting mission. The bow includes 5 collectible darts and can be shot up to 75 feet away.
Ready for the kids to sit down and play nicely? How about a game of Mousetrap? This was a fun experience as we each raced to traps another ones mouse. The kids had a blast the first time we played on the weekend and have played it a couple times more. I can see this being one of my daughters favorite games that she will be requesting a lot. It is a race to trap the first mouse to win! A one the first time and P decided we needed a rematch! The games went on for another hour.
Check out Hasbro Canada for these fun toys and so many others. 

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. I received the above products for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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