Yay for Chapter Books!

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I am a huge reader as I am sure you can see! My husband also loves to read. Both the kids have always loved looking at books or having books read to them. Around Christmas time I was reading a book and my son asked me how many pages are in the book. If I remember right I think there was almost 300. Of course no pictures. P said "wow, that is a lot of pages. I would never be able to read a book with that many pages."

Skip a few months and P comes home from school and tells me about this "chapter" book he is reading about this puppy named Max (I believe that was the name). He told me it has 80 pages and no pictures. He was super excited and told me all about the story and that there are more books just like it.

I picked up a few of these Puppy Place books for P's birthday and he finished them in no time at all. The first one he read in 24 hours! I then stopped into a second hand shop looking for some of the older ones in the series only to pick up a few other "chapter" books I thought he may enjoy. 

This summer P and A both had a reading club they attended once a week and read lots of books. P has read about 15+ chapter books over the summer! I couldn't be happier for his love of reading.

All I have to say is YAY for chapter books!!

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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