P90 Level A Results Are In!

It has been very busy so far this month but I haven't forgotten that I promised you a quick P90 update when I completed the first part, Level A. The results are in and I am excited to share with you that I have officially lost 8lbs and 2 inches in the month of November.

Here is the break down
Left Arm = -1/2 inch
Right Arm = -1/8 inch
Chest = -3/4 inch
Middle (gut) = -1/2 inch
Waist = 0
Hips = - 1/2 inch
Left Thigh = +1/8 inch

Right Thigh = + 1/4 inch

I have actually gained a little on the thighs from all the squats and lunges. They really do burn hard core after doing the Sculpt workout. I am excited to see the definition on the legs.

I have started Level B on December 4th with Sweat & Ab ripper B. It is a step up that is for sure. Tony has us adding to exercises we started in level A and moving a whole lot quicker with less recovery time in between exercises. My favorites in the Sweat B I would say is the mixed martial arts. I am getting a lot more power behind the jabs and strikes and we are now adding kicks and jumps to it. At first I wasn't too sure about the jumps but I have been doing well with my knees and back. I took it slow the first time through just too see how my body would react to the new program and I am doing very well. I love the new found strength I have since I started this journey. Tony make working out a lot of fun with his sense of humor throughout Sweat B. I do think Maddy should be the advance person as she really hits it!

Sculpt B is not easy that is for sure! Again Tony has been adding to the exercises we started with in A. It is a nice jump in the levels where you really have to push yourself but it isn't a huge jump where you feel you can't complete the workout. I find Tony a bit more serious in this workout but it is a fabulous workout and you can really feel all the muscles worked by the end.

I am a couple days into work 2 and hope to be finishing up Level B the first week of January. I will keep you up to date on my workouts and how I am doing. I will be measuring again at the end of Level B and then we will move on to C. The last month of P90! 

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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