Touched by Sunlight by Leslie D. Stuart ~ Book Tour & Excerpt


Title: Touched by Sunlight
Author: Leslie D. Stuart
Release date: February 14, 2015
Genre: Romance
Book Description:

When Solaris said goodbye to Tristan, they thought it was over forever. But six years later, he walks back into her life. His decision to reunite brings trouble so big it ripples through both their lives with devastating effect. Solaris must come home. But California is deadly too. Everyone has secrets. The key is the HeartStone, a priceless ruby necklace with a story to tell—a story both beautiful and damning, a tale of love and betrayal, of corruption and murder. Solaris held it in her hand, just once.

That moment changed everything. Now the HeartStone is missing. Her career is shattered. Her courage to travel the world is lost. But a trail of blood diamonds lead home and powerful corrupt people will destroy anyone who threatens to expose their secrets. Coronado Island is her only safe refuge. The truth is deadly. People meant to love you forever are often the most deceptive. Who can she trust?

Meet Joshua Archer. Born with a gift of precognition, dreams of danger send him across America to save Solaris. It is his duty as an Archer to protect the innocent. But he battles a code of honor and a fiery attraction when he meets the beautiful photojournalist. Joshua never expected to find a woman like Solaris. She is goodness and grace, the finest parts of life, a woman who sees beauty in the world.

But someone wants her dead.Love must be stronger than fear to survive. But Solaris is not alone.

Someone is watching. If we are lucky life sends us One True Friend. This is the dramatic tale of that courageous friendship. What would you do to protect someone you love?Touched By Sunlight is a fast-paced adventure with charismatic characters you will fall in love with, a story to spark a fire and touch your heart. It reads like a movie with a constant flow of action laced with emotional depth to make the journey unforgettable. Every page pulls you deeper into the mystery.

Who wants to kill Solaris? And why?

Book Excerpt

There was nothing special about her. No one gasped and had fantasies when she walked into the room. 

But being noticed was Tristan’s life. 

They lived on opposite sides of the camera. He worked as entertainment reporter for the local news station. He had fifteen minutes on the air, five days a week. People tuned in to watch whenever Tristan flashed his perfect smile and used his deep trustworthy voice to tell exciting stories about glamorous events occurring in Southern California. Tristan loved the spotlight.

“Hey Solaris,” he jauntily greeted. Solaris finally looked. Raindrops had turned his pale gold hair a slightly darker shade. Even that was attractive. “Can you believe this storm? This morning it was sunny. Now the sky is falling.”

“I like rain,” she argued, “it cleans the air.”

“But I like sunshine. It’s warm and friendly.”

“Most tourists would probably agree.”

Pleased that he won their silly debate he grinned. Then in one smooth move he leaned down, cupped her chin in his palm and captured her lips in a showy kiss. Tristan always greeted her this way. When their love was new that hot possessive kiss used to curl her toes.

Today the affectionate display felt hollow.

In being honest with herself Solaris knew the showy kiss wasn’t for her emotional benefit at all. The dramatic entrance was meant to entertain his current audience, the coffee shop crowd. It had certainly captured attention. As she glance around some female faces looked envious, others looked away, and most men seemed embarrassed for witnessing the scene.

“Been waiting long?” He asked, sitting down in the other chair.

“Only a few minutes,” she lied and inside Solaris cringed at her words. She hated that she always avoided conflict between them by politely excusing his rude behavior. They both knew that he was half an hour late. Tristan should apologize. He didn’t, of course. He never apologized. If she was unhappy with something, that was her problem. 

Sorry was not in his vocabulary.

About the Author: 

Leslie D. Stuart is a contemporary romantic suspense author, the co-owner for Destiny Whispers Publishing LLC, and the executive editor for Destiny Rose Editorial Services. She is happily married and lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband and their three spoiled cats. They are grateful to have their grown children nearby and enjoy family time. Their home is a busy place with people always near. Leslie loves being called Nana by Scarlett.

She loves roses and has more than 120+ bushes growing around their home. Many are more than six feet tall and bloom year round in the warm Arizona sun. Her favorites are charming red Don Juan, purple Heirlooms, and a black-red damask rose called Oklahoma. She has every color from white, all reds, to bright Tropicana orange.

As a child Leslie moved frequently and was always the “new-girl” in school. It made her appreciate the wonderful life she has now. She has lived in Oregon, Montana, Minnesota, California, and various ranching towns in Arizona. She still loves to travel and has visited nearly every state in the nation, including two of the Hawaiian Islands. She has seen amazing places that stay in her heart. Some are fictionalized in her books.

Look for her special romance novels in all major bookstores and ebook sellers worldwide.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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