Star Wars Year by Year: A Visual Chronicle ~ (DK Canada) ~ Book Review

We have a few Star Wars fans in the house and both of them we super excited to get their hands on a copy of DK Star Wars Year by Year. D was actually more excited than our son to read through this huge book of facts. Did you know that October 10 is Star Wars Reads Day? Come back on Friday to read all about it and find out what is going on in your local area.

Book Synopsis: 

The definitive history of Star Wars no fan should be without; now with 8 pages of exciting new content documenting events, updates, and news from 2011 and 2012!

Celebrate four amazing decades of everything Star Wars; decade by decade, year-by-year, month-by-month. Everything is covered, from the influences and creation of all six Star Wars movies, to the toys, books and video games that have shaped the Star Wars dynasty. The month-by-month format is brought to life by images from the movies, TV series, comic books and more.

Presented in a stylish slipcase, the book includes two exclusive prints in a card wallet making this book a must-have gift for all Star Wars fans.

You can purchase copy through Amazon. Check out the DK Canada boutique for more great Star Wars titles.

Review: (This review was written by Derek)

Star Wars Year by year covers the last 40 years of this iconic franchise. From the influences in the world which inspired this storied franchise, to a year by year breakdown of Star Wars moments, this book has it covered. 

Do you want to know what happened the you were born? Married? Other important life events? It's in there; (Kenner ships the first four action figure's the month I was born). There are loads common and not so common tidbits about the ideas, processes, development and releases of the series. There are also excellent tie ins with real world events (George Lucas's legal issues with the use of "Star Wars" as the name of a missile defense program). Lots of colour photo covering all things Star Wars makes this a visually pleasing experience. Each year begins with an interesting point, and is separated nicely by months. I found the amount of information was excellent but did not read like a history book although that is exactly what it is. I would strongly recommend this book to the Star Wars fans of all levels as it has something for everyone. 

I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars. 

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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