All I wanted was a iPhone

For the last two years all I have had was a basic $50 flip cell phone, with a monthly plan of less than $35. I decided to treat myself to the great iPhone! Well I'm really thinking I should have left it where it was. This has been nothing but problems. My account is soo messed up they don't even know what is going on at the cell company. They are looking into it but I've heard this before. Don't get me wrong. I love the phone itself just not the hassle of the cell company. I'm to the point when this gets worked out I may just take my business elsewhere. Any company would be just as good. I just didn't want to sign into a contract for three years.

Which provider are you with? Do you have a recommendation?

I really just wanted the darn phone, I guess things really do happen for a reason but this I have no idea what the reason is for. Maybe I was not suppose to have an iPhone in the first place. It would save me money. I have been so good at not spending for the last two years and getting us in a great spot but this may have just blown all my hard work. The cell company I swear has idiots working for them. They have charged me multiple times and at one point my account was owing $1000! Which of course I didn't really owe. I have paid for the initial payment of the phone and their dumb deposit. Now the only thing should be the monthly bill.. How come they can't get that right?

I will keep you all posted on what happens, now I'm to wait 7-8 business days for them to look into this mess and figure it all out. If I don't hear back, I've been told to call them back yet AGAIN and call them on the mistakes. Really?!? I've already spend about 10 hrs dealing with this cell phone company and I work full time, part time and have a family, also I am trying to spend more time focused on my blogging. There are not enough hours in the day to get all that done let alone spend an hour or more on the phone repeating myself to many different people at the cell phone company!


  1. We currently have a Nokia N900 (smartphone) that we bought privately and use with WIND Mobile. We pay about $80 a month for unlimited talk/text/LD within Canada and unlimited internet access. There are other(smaller) plans as well, but it's what works best for us. They do operate on a 3GS network so it should work with your iPhone.

    As for dealing with the company current, you may have better luck going into a brick and mortar store. Lay out the details and make THEM do the work for you.

  2. That is a shame. Three strikes their out!

  3. I was just ranting about my cell phone troubles as well! I wanted to switch my phone to pay-as-you-go and it took me a month! When I called to ask what's going on, they told me to call back 'tomorrow'! Needless to say I was in absolute rage with Rogers. I don't think it's worth it to change companies. What's the point? They're only nice to you when you sign up with them! I was with Telus and I absolutely hated them. I switched to Rogers and I've heard they're the best. They've been good until I've decided to switch to pre-paid. Now that it's all done I'm loving the pre paid. I will never sign any contracts with anyone!


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