Answer to Dad of Diva's Question...

Do you commute??

Commute... Yes, I do. I commute an hour to work and an hour back from work on a good day, Monday to Friday. On a busy or snowy day it can take me an hour and a half or more. What do I do on my commute... I usually listen to music, think about blog posts, work or home life, things that need to get done or things I want to do. On the way home it's a great way to unwind if it's been a hectic crazy shift. Now that it's fall I've been trying to take in all the nice fall colors on my way to work. I always wish I had a camera and extra time to stop and take pictures. Maybe I will try and do that this week.

What about my reader's do you communte? and what do you do or think about when you commute?

Dad of Diva's

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  1. Thanks for the comment and for moving the discussion along! Do you have anything that allows you to capture your thoughts on a blog post? For me, I use a digital recorder. I just have to remind myself to take the things off it eventually! I had wished I had my camera this morning, as the fog coming off a field by my home and the sunrise was breathtaking!


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