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I know we are a couple month's into school already but it's never too late to learn about great labels for our children's clothes. I did a post previously about Oliver's labels and their affiliate program. This time I have had the chance to try them out with my son's school clothes.

Oliver’s Labels is a Canadian based company out of Toronto! They sell Clothing labels, Waterproof labels , Safety bands, Bag tags, Shoe labels, Photo labels and Kosher Kitchen Labels. They are available separately or in a package – Starter, Preschool, Clothing, School and Camp. Available in Many prints also.

Have you ever had your children come home with out an article of clothing that they went to school with? Maybe a sweater or their water bottle? Oliver's Labels has a unique feature. It 's called the Found-it Tracking System. It’s a unique number added to your labels that connects the article to you when lost. If the article is found the person who found it is directed to follow a link and then prompted to enter the unique number. Which then in return Oliver’s Labels will match you to your Found-it tracking system code and send you a notification email. Oliver’s Labels acts as an intermediary between you and the finder so you never have to share any of your personal information but still get your item back!

As a great gift you can also purchase Gift cards from Oliver's Labels!

Review: My son was very excited to see his new "stickers" when they arrived in the mail. We had a lot of fun putting his new "Stickers" on all of his belongings that go to school. Parker chose the transportation labels himself and we received some original and mini labels, shoe labels and stick-eez labels. The designs are fun and very bright. There are a ton of different designs, fonts and colors to choose from, along with ones that have allergy symbols for children with allergies to anything from Nuts to Seafood. When I mentioned to Parker to get his coat away he went to find ALL things he could label or in his words "stick" his stickers on. His coat, hat, backpack, lunch bag, juice containers and shoes were first in line. They are very easy to use that my son who is 4 1/2 yrs old could stick them on his stuff by himself. I did help him even though he told me he could do it alone. The labels need to be pressed firmly in place. In my sons words "these are really awesome". They seem to stick well even after being washed. I will have to update at the end of the school year how they hold up but for now they have been good. Parker was very excited to go to school and show his friends his new name stickers. I will be purchasing some for both my children next year.

Buy: Check out Oliver's Labels to purchase your labels with or without the Found-it code and receive free shipping on orders of $30 or more to any where in Canada or the US!

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