So it's official I'm on vacation! Or maybe more of a staycation because we don't plan on going anywhere. Just sticking around home and relaxing, doing things we don't get a lot of time to do. Maybe even have a date night or two?!? I plan on doing some baking as I have a couple new books I am reviewing and would love to try a lot of new recipes from them. Also do some crafts with the kids and have a couple play dates, the usual but with more time to spend with them. No rushing off to work and coming home late. I can relax in the evenings with a nice warm blanket and a book.

Maybe I will even get more time to blog! I'm very excited and have great hopes for my blog in 2011. I would really love to make my own background, header and button. I will have to load up my old photoshop and get to work. Can you really believe we are almost done 2010? Two more months! I think this year I will make a new years resolution and work towards it.

And now to sneak in a cute photo of Abby dressed as a witch!

Thats it for tonight. I better get some sleep before Halloween :)


  1. Hi!

    I am following back. Hope you have a good vacation and hope you get more time for blogging :)

    Check out my 1st Christmas gift giveaway..more to come!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful staycation! What a great idea! When you go somewhere on vacation the time seems to go by so quickly. I know you will enjoy your time with you family!Abby is so adorable in her costume. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following you back!

  3. Love the costume!! saw your post on IN my Opinion blog and I said the same thing... Wish I could have got a free sample of Lemon for my water too.!! will check out your blog added as gfc.

    Stop by my blog from one Canadian mom to another LOL I will def enter anything I haven't been able to enter much bloggers from USA! anyone you can suggest to me?? LOL

  4. following you back via meet me on monday!!!
    love your blog!!!

  5. Well thanks so much for stopping by my blog :) Your daughter has an amazing smile; love it! I like that your blog has a more personal feel to it. A lot of blogs get lost in just doing reviews and giveaways that it gets a little tedious to say the least. I've followed you on Google Friend Connect so I can check back from time to time. Enjoy the staycation ;)


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