Book Review: A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
A Pop-Up Book
By Charles Dickens, Chuck Fischer 

A Christmas Carol has been retold by many, and remade into many movies but this book is yet another great way to enjoy a classic tale.

Review: This book is the greatest detailed pop-up book I have seen! There are only 6 pages that pop-up but the pictures are very detailed and just beautiful. I have found this book to be for older children maybe ages 6-8 and up. My children loved looking at the pictures but to read the book it was abit too much for them to sit through right now at their ages. Each pop-up page has a little book tucked into the page, five in total for the story. Just like it's own little chapter. This makes it a very neat feature of the book. There is also a little book at the beginning about the life of Charles Dickens along with the credits for the book. I love the story A Christmas Carol and this is a great addition to anyones library that loves this classic tale. I am looking forward to when my children will be able to sit and listen to the tale and take in the beauty of the pictures and enjoy the tale.  

Where to Buy: $22.57

How to Connect: Visit Chuck Fischer website.

~*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Hachetter Book Group and Anna Balasi for review purposes. All opinions on my blog are that of my own.*~

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