CSN Stores Review

I posted back in September about CSN Stores and how they have 200+ different stores online. I was given a giftcard to purchase something on their stores and review it. I had a really hard time to figure out what I would like to review. There are WAY too many things and takes a LONG time to browse through the stores. I don't think I even chiped a corner of whats available! Grab a cup of coffee while in your pj's and enjoy a nice shopping trip from the comfort of your own home.

So I looked and looked and looked. Finally I decided on a Pink popcorn maker. Actually a Pink Hello Kitty popcorn maker.

When I placed my order I did notice some high shipping prices, especially for smaller things. I was thinking of getting an apron but it was going to cost almost double with the shipping and international fees. That I would say is the only downside. They do offer a lot of items with free shipping, you just pay international fees(duty and brokerage - you then don't have to worry about it at the door). The shipping was extremely fast and I ordered on the weekend and it was here Friday morning before 10am!

Today we finally got a chance to pull this Kitty out and see how she works! This post will be picture heavy as the kids had a lot of fun. It's simple to use and clean. Add vegetable oil and popcorn kernels and turn it on.
Instead of "cheese" it was "popcorn!"

Parker adding the kernels

Abby waiting for the first POP!
When the popping is done you just put the top on the lid and flip the machine over and your ready to eat right from the pink bowl!

The end product. Believe me there wasn't much left after they got their hands on it!

The final review: I really enjoyed my shopping experience at the CSN Stores and would shop there again in the future!

~*Disclaimer: I received a giftcard to make a purchase at the CSN Stores for the purpose of this review. All opinions on my blog are that of my own.*~

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  1. How cute! My daughter would love it! Thanks for stopping by my site! Following you back!


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