Jr. Kindergaten

This school year is the start of my oldest going to school. My youngest will go next fall. He is in a French immersion junior kindergarten. Leading up to the school year I was very nervous he would not like it and have it be a huge adjustment. Crying and fighting every day he had to go (right now he goes alternates all day and every second Friday). I would like everyone to know I was totally wrong and my son LOVES school and homework!! He gets very excited about his school days. The day before he goes to school we make his lunch, he helps out either with picking everything out and taking it out of the fridge or putting lids on everything. He asks almost daily if tomorrow is a school day even on the weekends. He also gets very upset if he thinks he has homework to do and he hasn't finished it. They get one letter a week to practice and color a picture with the letter.

Parker doesn't get a report card in JK but they get an evaluation to let parents and teachers know where the children are at. They look at 5 different skills, In-class Distractibility, Verbal Fluency, Interest and Particapation, Letter identification and Printing skills. My son did really will in the first three getting all 4's! (it's on a scale 1-5 and 5 being very good). The french teacher even mentioned that she will ask Parker to participate in the SK work or help get stuff ready. I think its soo great that he loves to help and interact in class. I was the total opposite as I was toooooo shy!

Parker age 4 and 1/2

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