Book Review: Why? Because We Still Like You

From the Publisher:

This book will tell the behind-the-scenes story of how The Mickey Mouse Club paved the way for all that came after, from its humble beginnings as a marketing ploy, through its short but mesmerizing run, to the numerous resurrections that made it one of television's first true cult hits--all through the recollections of those regular kids-turned-stars who made it a phenomenon. It will reveal, for the first time ever, the untold stories of Annette, Darlene, Cubby and Karen, Bobbie and the rest of the beloved cast.

Review: I really wish I could give this a better review. I just found it very hard to read since it didn't seem to be a book you can put down for a few days and come back to. I found I had a hard time remembering who is who and what is going on. At the beginning of the book the author introduces the mouseketeers, jumping from one to another. I would love to sit down and give this book another try over a weekend or when I am on vacation and may have more time to get through the whole book. I would definitely say if you were a mouseketeer fan do pick it up at the library and give it a try. It just might have been me and not the book. I will be passing along my copy to my mother who was a fan of Walt Disney's Mouseketeers.

Where to Buy: $12.40 for softcover or $19.99 hardcover.

Where to Connect: Visit Jennifer Armstrong's Website, connect on Facebook - Jennifer Armstrong or Why? Because We Still Like You

~*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Hachetter Book Group and Anna Balasi for review purposes. All opinions on my blog are that of my own.*~


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