Personailze Your Gear with SwaggerTag #Review

We are now a month back-to-school and what has your child miss placed or lost? We have been lucky and so far - one water bottle and A came home with one shoe that wasn't hers but looks like hers.

We don't label everything because the kids are pretty good at knowing what is theirs and hanging on to them but I do like having labels on lunch bags, backpacks and I am thinking shoes and coats.

Recently I was introduced to SwaggerTag's on Twitter. Karen the owner and I began tweeting and realized our cottages growing up were almost next to each others. From there we talked about SwaggerTag and I had a chance to look at them first hand.

Karen Walker launched SwaggerTag in January of 2011. I am sure you are thinking "What is SwaggerTag?" it is a personalized identification tag that is concealed to keep privacy when you have your bag out. I love the idea as sometimes I really do not feel safe with a name splashed on the kids backpacks or my luggage with my address there for everyone to see. SwaggerTag has your information concealed on the inside of the tag. If you lose your luggage the finder can open the tag to see the information.
They are water, wear and impact resistant, come in 6 bright colors and can be customized with your favorite photos. They are manufactured using a non-toxic, food-grade plastics. Each pack comes with 3 cables ties that are easy to attach.

Many uses for them golf bags, bicycles, electronics, totes, luggage, backpacks or sports bags and really whatever you can think of that you could try.

Don't have or want a photo in it? Just have the kids draw a picture or put in a color piece of paper. There are endless opportunities in making these tags your own.

They can be purchased online at for $3.99 US/CAD.

Follow SwaggerTag on Twitter @SwaggerTag and "Like" them on Facebook.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn on behalf of Swagger Tags. I received the above product for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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