Grishmas by Kelly Ann Blount

That’s when it happened. Her foot caught on an exposed tree root and made the smallest of sounds. The Grishma instantly snapped its ginormous head around and zeroed in on Brooklyn as she was approaching the fast moving dark murky water.
Before the wretched beast could open it’s deadly jaws and release a bloodcurdling scream, Brooklyn hurled herself into the water.

Brooklyn gasped as her body entered the river. The water was so frighteningly cold that her limbs struggled to keep her afloat.
She could see the Grishma racing down the shoreline out of the corner of her eye. Luckily, the gruesome beast appeared to avoid entering the fast flowing water.
I’ve got to get to the other side, she thought paddling hard to the shore only a few feet away. “I’m going to make it!” she screamed.
Then something happened. The water’s already frigid temperatures dropped further and every laborious kick of her legs got heavier, like she was swimming through slush. She reached out to the shrubs. Her fingers grazed the leaves. She needed to find the strength to close her hands around the branches. Her teeth chattered, her hands were blue, just a little closer!
Suddenly, something brushed up against her leg. Brooklyn began to thrash and flail in the water. She kicked her legs wildly trying to move away from whatever just touched her. Now the branch was behind her, and out her reach. The current sucked her further down the river. Her head bobbed below the surface. She gasped for air, but water took its place and she choked.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn on behalf of Release Day Diva. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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