The Odd Life of Timothy Green Review

Now that the busy Holiday season is done I got a chance to sit done and watch The Odd Life of Timothy Green. This movie came out in December just in time for the holidays. If you are looking for a touching story of parenthood, that is magical this is a fabulous movie

The movie starts of with Cindy and Jim Green at an adoption services office filing an adoption application. Here they decide instead of filling out the form in full they would tell their unique parenting experience and why they would be good parents. 

After trying for a long time Cindy and Jim were told they would never be able to conceive their own child. That night they make a list of traits they would want a child to have and place these in a wooden box that they bury out in the garden.  That night after they go to sleep there is a big storm and a young boy appears in their home from the garden with leaves on his legs. 

Beware the further you read there will be spoilers in this review. 
This young boy has a mission while he is with the Green's he teaches everyone around him that sometimes the unexpected can bring life's greatest gifts. Cindy and Jim learn that Timothy is an honest boy making his parents speak up for themselves and overcoming past problems

With each way Timothy touches someones life a leaf falls off, when all the leaves are gone it is time for Timothy to go also. This was a fabulous story of love, courage and belief. I highly recommend a box of tissues while watching this movie. As it is sad but leaves you feeling great afterwords. 

Another awesome Disney movie. I have not watched it with my children yet as I know it would be very emotional for my daughter who is five. It will be a great movie to watch when we have time afterwords to discuss what happened with Timothy and why. 

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn on behalf of Walt Disney films. We received the above movie for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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