Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash Review #Doveisdifferent

A couple weeks ago I was asked if I would try out the new Dove Deep Moisture body wash and share my experience with all of you. You can check out the post about the Deep Moisture body wash. Today I want to share my experience using the Dove Deep Moisture body wash. As we know some body washes can be harsh and Dove is said to be different. If you haven't seen the commercial with the experiment to show check it out at the end of this post.

The body wash arrived on my doorstep and of course both my daughter and I gave it a deep sniff, smells good nothing over powering and no floral fragrance. That night I tried it out before heading into work. Right away you can feel this body wash feels more like a lotion than a soap. It glides on and really feels like it coats the skin as you clean yourself. After getting out of the shower your skin feels like you just put lotion on it.   

Last weekend we had some beautiful weather, the kids and I packed some snacks and headed to the park for a couple hours. I got a bit too much sun and had some pretty red skin that evening. After having a shower with my new Dove body wash my skin was feeling a lot better. Usually if I get a burn I will moisturize like crazy and still peel, this time I only put lotion on twice but used the deep moisture body wash daily and guess what? No peeling. My skin is soft and feeling great after being in the sun.

I will continue to use Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash as it has been leaving my skin feeling soft and it doesn't leave my skin feeling tight after my shower. I love that I don't feel the need to moisturize which as a busy mom is great, if I can avoid another step while getting ready for my day or even getting ready for my night at work I am a happy camper.
Why not try out Dove's Deep Moisture Body Wash for yourself? Head over to Dove Canada on Facebook and click on the "skin" tab to get a $2 off coupon. Also don't forget to join in on the twitter conversations with hashtag #doveisdifferent

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn on behalf of Dove Canada. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. I love Dove, it's all I will use. I use the bar though, have never tried a body wash... ever. Maybe it's something I should check out. :-)

    1. Anonymous12:06 PM

      We used to use Dove bar soap but I have been a big fan of body wash and the puff for years. I love the new Deep moisture. Give it a try and don't forget to grab the $2 off coupon!


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