Working out with Lunaling (Review)

Let's just say I am not a working out type of person, never was. I figure skated and danced going up and I loved playing baseball. I never set aside time to workout. Okay that isn't true I did go through a stage where I joined a gym for a bit but it didn't last more than a year. Oh well. I love to swim and walk and that is where I get most of my exercise in.

I recently was asked to check out this new line of workout pants called Lunaling. They are a company out of the UK. These pants are suppose to help with weight loss by increasing your body's core temperature which in return increases your metabolism. They also increase your body's energy expenditure by 6% vs a regular control garment and during exercise but also helps your body expend energy by 26% vs regular control garment an hour after your workout!

Lunaling offers three different styles of workout wear, capri, shorts and pants. I received a pair of capris and headed out for my brisk walk with Miss Molly. We usually have to wait for the days the kids are in school for our huge walk which is usually an hour of brisk walking about 5km.
Here are my thoughts: 

Right away when checking out these capris I could tell they are going to be form fitting. They are made from a neoprene type of material and hug every curve. I went with my measurements for a size small. They are snug but I don't think you would want them baggy as they wouldn't be that comfortable and I would think they wouldn't work the same. They do make a bit of a noise when you walk but I don't think it is really noticeable and it seems to be just the first couple times when I have worn them. They are comfy and hold in all the right places.

You can feel your body, legs warming up as you move and at the end of my walk I had to literally peel them off and get showered from all the sweating I did. That part is a bit gross but they do what they say they are suppose to do. I didn't measure myself but I have noticed a slimming of my legs and waist over the last few weeks. I don't get to put them on as often as I would like but that is my goal for the summer is to use them more.

They are super easy to care for, just hand wash and hang to dry. They dry quickly this way if you want to use them again in the day or the next day they are ready to wear again.

Head over to Lunaling website to pick up a pair for yourself. They do ship Internationally!

Don't forget to visit Lunaling on Facebook and see what others are saying.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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