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Please Welcome Jen McConnel to Genuine Jenn! 

Tell us a little bit about your book(s) and yourself.

DAUGHTER OF CHAOS  is a YA paranormal story about witches, chaos, and mythology. It’s a story I loved writing, and it’s the first in the RED MAGIC series. As for me, I’m a writer, teacher, and travel junkie. I grew up in Michigan, but I’ve called North Carolina home for over five years, and I love it here!

When was your first book published?

My first book, THE SECRET OF ISOBEL KEY, came out in December 2013 from Bloomsbury Spark.

Are you currently working on anything?

Yes! I’ve got a few projects at various stages right now, including revising the next book in the RED MAGIC series. I’ve learned the hard way that I start to go a bit crazy if I’m not writing, so I’m always keeping busy!

Why did you decide to become an Author?

I’ve always loved writing and telling stories, but when I was in college, I didn’t think about making my career as an author. It was only after I began teaching (I started out teaching middle school Language Arts) that I realized how much I wanted to spin stories and share them with people. It’s so amazing to be able to do something I love!

Who and what inspired you to write?

I credit the authors I grew up with (Susan Cooper, Louisa May Alcott, and others), as well as my 5th grade teacher and my mom. They were the first people I knew in real life who’d written a book, and I thought they were absolute rock stars. (I still think authors are rock stars, and I’m grateful to know so many amazing creative people!)

When you are writing to you like to listen to music? What is on your playlist?

I don’t focus very well if I’m writing and listening, but I do put on music before I start, or to give myself a break in the middle of a sprinting day. Right now, my favorite break song is “I’m Alive” by Michael Franti and Spearhead, or “Follow Your Arrow” by Kacey Musgraves.

Who is your favorite character in your books?

Would I be a bad book mommy if I told you? I love them all, but Darlena from DAUGHTER OF CHAOS is SO MUCH FUN to write. She’s sassy, powerful, and totally has a mind of her own, and telling her story has been amazing.

Do you ever take characteristics or nuances from close friends or family when working on character development and if so has that friend or family member noticed and what was their response to it?

I do borrow character traits from the people in my life, but it’s a pinch here, a dash there. The characters I write are entirely their own people, not based on friends or family, but it’s funny how many readers (even those I don’t know) will see a little of themselves in my characters. That’s a really gratifying feeling!

What is your favorite book of all time?

That’s such a tough question! I’ll pick a childhood favorite that I still love re-reading: Susan Cooper’s DARK IS RISING. It’s got it all: myth, magic, and incredible stakes.

Tell us in one sentence why we should read your books.

I write the kind of books I want to read: stories of myth and magic, mystery and love, and quirky characters.

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