HEXBUG VEX Robotics Ant ~ Holiday Gift Ideas

I know a lot of people are kicking it into high gear with their holiday shopping as we are fast approaching the Holidays. I know since the snow hit the ground the other day I am already planning what we need to get done.

Here is a really neat gift idea for a child that loves HEXBUG and loves to put things together. HEXBUG VEX Robotic kit comes with everything you need to make your very on Ant robot! 150 snap together pieces including the "brain" which is a computerized central hub for communication from the controller! How cool is that?!? VEX Robotics STEM learning through hands-on play. The kids get to construct their very own jumbo-sized robot and customize its programming.
There are two ways to interact with your robot, you can drive it manually with the remote control or choose autonomous drive mode and watch the Ant scurry around all by itself. It will mimic real-life movement. The kit is cross-compatible with other VEX robotics so the kits can have fun with more than one at a time. 
This kit is recommended for ages 8+ and I am sure there are lots of adults that will be happy to help the kids build a robot. There are 4 different kits available - Ant, Spider, Scarab and Strandbeast. 

Design, Build, Drive and Program with HEXBUG VEX robotic kits! 
Visit HEXBUG for more information.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. I received the above product in exchange for an feature. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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  1. They're all so pretty! Great activities for kids. These days, most would just keep them occupied...and quiet playing games on their ipads.
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