No New Years Resolutions Here

I have never really been one to make New Years resolutions as I always felt horrible for not sticking to them. I also felt like I was setting myself up to fail with things that were hard to keep. I instead make goals and this year is no different. I am making the goal of to get my eating habits in even better shape. If you have been following me on Instagram or even seeing the fitness posts here you will know I have started a healthy journey at the end of August last year. This included relearning a healthy portion size and what is best to jump start and keep my metabolism working in fat burning mode. I started off with The Food Lovers Fat Loss system (I promise the review is coming!) and then I proceeded to move my way into cleaner eating. I have lost 23lbs and more than 20 inches total with this nutrition. I don't like to call it a "diet" as I find people think of that word as yucky food or starving yourself. I have done the opposite. I eat every 2 to 3 hours and I love everything I put in my mouth. I do have cheat meals or treats here and there. The holiday season was harder but I am happy to say I only gained .5 of a lb and that I know is from my baked good. Mainly banana bread and some shortbread cookies. Oh and a few haystacks!

I don't want to say I will never ever eat anything that comes in a box again because lets be realistic sometimes it is faster and easier when working overnights but I am working towards getting back into my meal prepping and having foods already prepared a head of time in the fridge or freezer. I think I may actually get back into posting my Meal Plans on here again to hold myself accountable. Let me know if this is something you would be interested in seeing on here. I am also going to be slowly adding my clean eating recipes.

Next week I will be posting more about what my goals are in my clean eating challenge. As for workouts, I will be finishing up level B of P90 very soon. I have 5 more workouts left and then I move on to level C, 25 workouts. Once level C is done, I have officially completed P90! I am super excited and I am sure I will miss Tony Horton's MMA and his humour. I will not miss the jumping jacks! As for what is in store after P90 I am not 100% sure. I would love to do the 21 Day Fix Extreme, Insanity Max 30, Piyo or Les Mills Combat & Pump (which I have sitting in my livingroom waiting for me to give it a go). I am still going to push myself to workout 5 times a week and continue to improve my strength and health with fitness.

What are your goals or resolutions for 2015? Are you looking to improve your health and fitness? 

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. I would love if you post and send your mail plan via newsletter! I always have problems making it look good in presentation and finding the best way to season things. I have received your newsletter and have not seen a picture or post, going to look around your blog now, probably the only place I do not look :) I know the journey is difficult but it's the reward in the end that will be worth it. You already did the most difficult of getting started and it'snot a diet :)

    1. Anonymous8:48 PM

      Thanks for your comment Doris. When I firest started my blog I used to post my meal plans on Mondays. I hope to get back into meal planning and will post here, especially with working towards clean eating I hope to help others with it.


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