Home vs Gym Workouts

When I first started working out I was talking with a few people about my progress and theirs and one person brought up the question "why don't you go to the gym and workout?". This question was directed at two of us that workout at home from the person who is a gym goer.

Now don't get me wrong there isn't anything wrong with going to the gym but I am not a gym goer. I like to go out for walks on a local trail or walk on my treadmill. I am now in love with workout dvds that are super easy for me to squeeze into my day and get a really great workout in. If you have been following my journey so far I have been getting great results at home.

When we were asked this question we had a good defense. Here was the our list:

* gym involves others seeing you in your workout clothes and your trouble areas bouncing around for all to see
* being all sweaty and having to shower somewhere that isn't home or having to driving home all sweaty sucks
* the commute to get to the gym especially for some as it could be a 20 minute drive just to get there and another 20 to get home
* membership costs
* time away from the family or just hard to find the time that the gym is open since we don't live close to any 24 hour gyms plus add the commute time on there

Now we both were all for our workouts at home. Our reasons:

* no commuting!
* no monthly membership, costs for dvds but they can be used over and over again. There are also lots of free workouts online (another blog posts in the works)
* once finished you can shower and relax without having to go anywhere
* no one is watching you
* no waiting on equipment to become free to use
* don't need a babysitter if you have children
* no wasting time looking at foreign equipment and wondering what the heck you do with it

There are lots of pros to going to the gym also, like bigger/more complex workout equipment and weights that you may not be able to have at home due to cost and space. Some people find that they can only get the motivation if they go to the gym. There are also the trainers and classes where you can learn what you are suppose to be doing. 

I would love to try a few classes at a gym but I know it will be hard to match my schedule with the gym class times. Until I can work that out and find a buddy I will stick with my at home workouts. 

Do you workout at home, gym or both? 

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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