The Terribly Terrific Travels of Timber Timmins by Daylon Deon ~ Book Review

Book Synopsis:

Timber Timmins and her three best friends travel to a beautiful and dangerous place for an incredible adventure. Along the way they encounter some remarkable people and get themselves into some very sticky situations. The four of them go up against a dark evil that has returned. Timber is forced to accept who she was born to be and embrace what she was born to do. She must discover her place in this new world and come to terms with the reason this is all happening. Her eyes make her one of the most unusual little girls but they soon help her become one of the bravest. Unfortunately, her eyes also make her the number one target for the creatures and shadowy figures that live within the darkness. Timber's story has only just begun. Join her, Boomer, Whitney and Lincoln for a terribly terrific time.
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About the Author

Daylon Deon is an author and former Marine from Dallas. After years covering the video game industry and writing for companies like Intel iQ, he decided to take up the pen to practice the old ways of scribe and begin creating his own adventures in books.

He writes about a number of things so sit back and enjoy an assortment of sci-fi, comedy, romance, life and more. His first published book was Day 8 New Human War; a tale of powerful humans and mutations in an all out war. He followed that with his second book titled The Terribly Terrific Travels of Timber Timmins.

Daylon continues to write and is currently working on multiple books (including further entries in the New Human War saga and Timber Timmins). Your support for his books can not be measured and thanked enough. 

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Review: This review is a special review written by my son P, who is 8 years old. 

The story was sad. Timber is my favourite character in this book. I think Timber is a good character because she has glowing eyes. I like the part when Timber was born. In the story Timber's parents disappeared in boxes that were special on her birthday. Timber and her friends had a big adventure. Timber had a difficult time to get her parents back. Timber made a friend on her journey, it was a tall man named Staffle, he is a nice tallwert. When the darkness was in the world a few tallwerts were bad. I give this book a 4.5 stars out of 5 and can't wait to read more about Timber's adventures.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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