Keeping our Pets Healthy ~ President’s Choice® Nutrition First food & treats

I talk a lot about how to keep ourselves and our family healthy but we also need to remember to keep our four legged friends fit and healthy also. Besides the obvious of taking our furry pals to the vet for regular check ups we need to remember they need lots of exercise, grooming and delicious healthy food & treats.

Our two beagles can be a huge handful but I have learned through reading and also trying that work for our two that they need a lot of exercise to stay fit and out of trouble, even that last one can be hard as Molly loves to make a mess out of the garbage. This is a huge safety issue as our girl has gotten into some things that she shouldn't have in the last few years. We are now super cautious with what we leave laying around or even in the garbage before leaving the house. I know you are likely thinking, just put a child latch on the cupboard and all will be fine. Not the case with Molly. We have had 3 latches, all different kinds and she still can get into the cupboard. We have now decided that bungee cords are were she is at for the moment. We have to put three on the cupboards and make sure nothing is close to the doors as she can still get it open enough to pull stuff out. 

We get out for a lot of walks with Molly and Buddy to keep them healthy and fit. They love to head out to the trails for a nice sniff or to see what other animals are out and about that they can meet. We also let them chase each other around the house in bad weather and pull out the dog toys. The kids love playing with the dogs and their toys. This helps wear them out and keep them healthy.

If you don't know beagle LOVE their food! Some are super bad, Buddy may be in that category! We have to keep him away from the cat food. Molly is pretty good she will eat til full and move on. Buddy would just keep eating if you let him. We always look for healthy and natural dog foods to feed out beagles and President’s Choice® Nutrition First has been a great change for our two. In addition to their food we like to feed them healthy fruit & veggies and treats here and there.

President’s Choice® Nutrition First offers a wide variety of dog foods and treats for all breeds and sizes. One of their favorite foods is the Lamb & Brown Rice, this is a delicious combination of real lamb and brown rice. It is a dry dog food is made with specially selected ingredients for complete and balanced nutrition. What I like is that it includes omega-3 fatty acids to promote strong immunity along with a healthy skin and coat, including added vitamins and minerals for a healthy heart and healthy eyes.

We have tried a few of the treats and their favorite by far is the Nutrition First Chicken Strips. I was actually pleasantly surprised with this bag of treats. They are made from REAL chicken and dried for our dogs. These treats are formulated with Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help promote healthy joints and cartilage, this is big for beagles as they usually suffer hip issues later on down the road. There are no artificial preservatives added and no colours or artificial flavours. Also no corn, wheat, or soy. They are rich in protein low in fat and have no glycerine added. You should have seen the drool all over the floor after Buddy is done one of these treats.

Remember that our four legged friends are a big part of the family and need us to help them with staying healthy and fit. Check out President’s Choice® Nutrition First food & treats on their Website and find them in PC stores near you.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. This is a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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