Coleman lights up the night - Review

Coleman has been there to help with outdoor fun for nearly 100 years! Can you imagine? 100 years! My grandfather had those Coleman lanterns you would use the oil in, do you remember those? I loved them, it is for sure a fond memory of being up at our small 2 room cottage. Another fond memory for myself when I was growing up was going camping with my family. We had a Coleman propane stove, cookware and coolers. I know you will all think I am weird after this but I loved the smell of the stove. haha, I know you are thinking wow what a weirdo.

Coleman is one of those household names everyone knows when they hear it. Coleman now has so many more products available for summertime fun, okay who am I kidding they also have a ton of products for year round if you are a fall camper or sports man!
We had the opportunity to try out the new LED Micro-Quad Lantern Mini this summer by Coleman. This lantern features 4 detachable light "pods", 77 lumens for the lanten and 16 lumens for each pod. The lantern runs on 4 AA batteries and the pods work of 2 lithium batteries (the round watch type but these ones are bigger)
Inside the bottom base of the lantern you will find access to the batteries and also find four snap-on color shields- blue, green, yellow and red. The lantern has a run time of up to 32 hours and the pods up to 9 hours and 45 minutes.

My thoughts: When the lantern arrived I was a little surprised at the size. It sure is mini! After getting the four AA batteries inside and turning it on I was very impressed with the light it gave off. This lantern may be tiny but it is bright for sure! The thing I like best about it is the detachable pods. They are very bright and when removed can be hung up, maybe in a tent or bathroom, you can hang then off your pants with a clip or they can stick to anything magnetic! My kids also love these little guys! I catch them running off with them to play in their bedroom at night. The lights are very bright and can help you see in the dark of the night. Nice to think you have a compact portable light along with individuals in case anyone has to move somewhere else for a bit. This is a great addition to our camping gear we will love forever. 

Where to buy: You can pick one up for yourself at Canadian Tire or visit Coleman Canada and click on where to buy to find an independent retailer near you.  Retails at Canadian Tire for $39.99

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom on behalf of Coleman Canada. We received a complimentary product for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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  1. We love the outdoors all year long, this would be great. I will have to check it out next time at Canadian Tire


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