No More Babies Here

I bet by the post title you are thinking this post will be all about me saying I don't want anymore children. That will be another blog post in itself! This post is all about my baby Miss A who well really isn't a baby anymore.

This week A will be attending a program called Step Into Kindergarten. This program is offered in our town through our Ontario Early Years Centre, Best Start Group and held at the school A will be attending in the fall. *wiping tear away*

Okay I admit it isn't that bad, well maybe it is. I am happy to see how excited she is to go to school and learn but at the same time I am said because she isn't a toddler anymore. I am happy to have a few free mornings for me after I get both children out the door and on the bus. I may actually get more done around the house or maybe more blogging. Likely the latter. 

The Step Into Kindergarten program is a Free one week program that introduces little ones to school. This is offered to children entering Kindergarten in the fall. It offers the following:

  • Play-based learning opportunities for children
  • Small group instruction times
  • A familiarity with school environment
  • A welcoming introduction to school routine
  • The chance to make friends before the start of school
P went last year and he really benefited from the program. The teacher he had during it ended up being his English teacher and the teachers assistant was his day care provider. This made P's transition to school a lot smoother than I thought it would be. The teachers assistant this year will be the same lady and A knows her also. This should make her feel a lot more comfortable without mommy.

So again this summer I headed into the school in mid-summer to drop of one of my beautiful babies to get a taste of what school is like and also for me to say hello to another stage in A's life. This year A was very excited to pack a snack and back pack to head off to school. She was ready for 8:09! We didn't need to leave until 8:40-8:45. When we arrived A found one of her new friends she met at the library last week and also another friend we have known for a few years now. A is a big girl and went into the school with no tears! Me on the other hand, well I was a bit teary eyed. I will let everyone know how the week went by the weekend or beginning of next week.
The best picture I could get! I will try again tomorrow

Hugging a friend from playgroup


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