Save Money, Do Good {Guest Post}

Hi! My name is Jen (I know… different Jen!) and I’ve been invited by Jennifer at  Canadian Coupon Mom to tell you about two special opportunities. One, to save you piles of money on your new favorite hobby and two, to help out with a really great cause.

Just this year, a friend of mine started posting her digital scrapbooking layouts on her Facebook page. The moment I saw them, I knew I wanted in. I used to paper scrap but it was pricey, I could never keep up with all my digital photos and developing and I knew that I really enjoyed working with basic “graphic design” type activities on my computer. A lot of people use Photoshop Elements but I am NOT that patient or that techno-savy, so it was way too complex and expensive for me. I began researching digital scrapbooking software and came across a site that reviewed all the main players in the digiscrap game and had crowned Polaroid My Memories Suite the winner based on quality, features and price point. I was sold and have been going non-stop ever since. Here are a few meager examples of what you can create with this program. They also have many templates and quick-pages for the less artsy among us. The printed final products are inexpensive, of stunning quality and it’s prefect for both beginners and more avid scrappers.

I know what you are thinking: “That’s nice Jen, when are you going to start saving me money and helping a good cause?!” and I hear ya. What I have to offer is a coupon code that will save you $10 off the software AND get you a bonus $10 credit in the My Memories Store towards buying kits. But here’s the **extra** kicker - when this code is used, $20 (minus the lame PayPal fees) will be sent to the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation in Somalia. I strongly encourage you to read about this organization or listen to their powerful and inspiring interview which aired on CBC radio’s “The Current” in mid-July. The funds go to support a hospital, farm and refugee camp which aids more than 90,000 displaced and starving Somali people and those fleeing neighbouring countries. The need is especially great in this time of extreme famine.

Visit My Memories and use the promo coupon code STMMMS69202 at check-out. There are other codes and other deals available online but this is the ONLY one that will get you $10 off the product PLUS $10 credit in-store PLUS allow me to donate $20 to an important cause. You can pass the code on to any of your friends or family and it is also valid in the USA.

Thank-you so much to Canadian Coupon Mom for allowing this guest feature. If you aren’t interested in digital scrapbooking, that’s okay -  please still consider donating to the foundation or any of the other worthy groups helping in Africa in during this time of crisis.

Jennifer G.
British Columbia, Canada


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