Weekend Fun in a Box {Adult Content}

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This post is meant for adults only. No nudity will be posted but this is an adult product review Thanks. 

Sometimes us mom’s and dad’s we forget to focus some of our attention on our relationship with our spouse. Mom and dad need a little time as a couple and some fun in the bedroom.

There is a great Reba song called Love Needs a Holiday. Sometime mom and dad needs a weekend away. You can find all that you need for your weekend away EdenFantasys, the sex shop online.  From lingerie, candles to edible fun.
Weekender Kit by Kama Sutra from EdenFantasys is a great little kit to bring along on that weekend away or just for a night at home with your man.  This kit is small enough to fit in your purse, but enough worth for a few evenings depending on the amount you use.

It includes a flavored honey dust along with a little feather applicator to help apply across you loved one’s body. There is a jar of pleasure balm, oil of love and also my favorite the sweet almond message oil.

My thoughts: We chose the Original kit and both dh and I really enjoyed it. The whole kit is really all edible just depends on your taste if you want to taste all of it. The honey dust smells great, is a lot of fun with the feather applicator and yes it does taste good also.  My next favourite is the Sweet almond message oil. This oil wasn't too oily, just perfect for a nice pleasurable massage. I love the almond smell of this oil.

The containers are tiny so you do need to be careful not to drop them. If your man has big hands or clumsy you may want to hold the container for him. The one thing in this kit that my dh like but we both agree is the pleasure balm which is mint flavored is very powerful. Dh likes it but I am not a mint fan and also I found it too hot when used on me.

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~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom on behalf of EdenFantasys. In return for this review I will receive a gift card. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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  1. LOL when I read the title I really did not know what to expect :)


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