Bonnechere Caves Review

This summer our family decided to do a few day trips to some more local areas and we decided Bonnechere Caves would be a neat place that the kids might enjoy. My husband, D and I decided P would love it as he is very much into rocks, caves and fun science things.

A quick background to Bonnechere Caves, located in the Ottawa Valley in Eganville, Ontario. Bonnechere Caves are under a hill of limestone, the geologists have said it was a tropical sea 500 million years ago. Stalactites, or rock icicles formed at the rate of one cubic inch in 150 years, hang from the ceiling and the handiwork of nature is enhanced by electric lights. There are tons of fossils that are embedded in the limestone walls. Entombed in the rock and preserved forever can be seen fossils of coral and sea creatures alive long before the age of the Dinosaurs.

The caves are open from May -Thanksgiving weekend. The price is as follows:
Adults  $16.00
Seniors (65 +)  $15.00
Youth (13-17 years)  $13.00
Children (4-12)  $12.00
Under 4  free

Our thoughts after visiting Bonnechere Caves- I am signed up with a handful of Daily Deal sites that send out emails everyday. One day a Daily Deal coupon came for Bonnechere Caves 2 can tour the caves for the price of 1 at $16.00. We packed a lunch and snack and headed to Eganville, Ontario. When we arrived we took a quick tour of the water and bridge just outside the cave area, then headed in to pay.
A was free as she is under 4. When you arrive the staff let you know when the next tour is starting, tours during the summer run every 20 minutes. We had only 10 minutes until the next tour and we were all hungry. Instead we decided to head to the picnic area and have lunch.

We headed over to the tour area after having our lunch. There you meet your tour guide and hear more about the caves history and the fossils that have been found in the caves. This usually takes about 20 minutes and the tour guide asks people to guess about the fossils and adds humor to the stories. We then head into the cave where every 3 or 4 feet you stop and the tour guide gives more of the story of the cave. You can even walk through a tiny cave inside but if you are taller than 5'5 you may not want to as it is very low and I have to bend way down to go through it with P.

It is cool and damp in the cave but very interesting if you like rocks and fossils. The downside? It isn't a long tour about 45 minutes to an hour and the cost is pretty high for what you get. D and I both feel that it is a one time kind of trip. Once you see that caves it is neat but not something you would do again and again.

A few photos of our trip to Bonnechere Caves:

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom, all opinions are honest and my own. This is not a sponsored post.*~


  1. I've been to those caves! I used to live about 20-25 minutes away from Eganville before I headed off to college! I don't remember having to pay to get in back then lol Things are so expensive now :(

  2. Which site offered the coupon??!! Wondering if it's still available?! Thanks!

  3. Hi Nadine, It was Steal the Deal but it is a daily deal site and I believe it was back in June that it was offered. you may be able to request the deal again from Steal the Deal or Wag Jag or a similar site :)


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