ShesConnected Conference

There are many US blogger conferences throughout the year but not as many in Canada. ShesConnected is a Canadian conference for Women in Social Media. This is the second year for the conference that is by Invite only. 200 of Canada's Top Digitally Connected Women will be selected by ShesConnected to attend a day and a half conference at the end of September! ShesConnected will be covering the cost of the ticket for each women they select/invite!

These Women have been hand picked based on their social reach, power of their voice, and influence. This is not only on their blogs but on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. Each brings with them a great social reach, on average of 1000! This means if a brand connects with 1 women, she is able to connect with 1000 or more people. What a great way to get your brand out there.

Now for what I have been dying to tell everyone!
ShesConnected Conference 2011 - I'm Going!
I have been about to explode with joy since August 8th,2011 when I found out yes indeed Canadian Coupon Mom has been Officially invited to attend the 2nd Annual ShesConnected Conference for Social Media!

I am VERY excited and a bit nervous to attend my very first conference but I know all the women there are very kind and caring. First impressions are key and now is my time to make a great first impression. In the upcoming weeks I will be cleaning out my closet and making room for some fun conference outfits. Yikes, nothing conference like in my closet at the moment. I have 1 or 2 "Good" outfits and if I can be honest with you, the pants do not fit me anymore, they are too baggy.

Now with the ticket covered I would love to have some help with the rest of the fees that come along with attending such a wonderful conference. I am looking for a sponsor or two who would love to help me out with this and I will return the favor in Social Media for your brand :) If you are interested I have a sponsorship kit ready and would be happy to discuss with you and have your brand on Canadian Coupon Mom!


  1. Congrats! Can't wait to be travel buddies!

  2. Congratulations! I am hoping to get an invite to this!

  3. Congrats! But, please ... don't be nervous! No one will care what you're wearing, just bring a smile and we'll have a blast. :)

  4. Thanks Ladies! I am very excited to meet everyone! Hope you get an invite also Denise :)

    I will bring a smile for sure


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