Marble Lake Lodge Review

In June my family and I took a nice weekend away at a cottage. The first real camping experience my children have had. This was also another fab find on a Daily Deals site. Two night stay during the week for $75 a value of $271! The catch? This coupon deal needed to be used in June and between Sunday to Thursday. Marble Lake Lodge is where we found a really good deal.

If you haven't heard of Marble Lake Lodge, it is located in Cloyne, Ontario not too far from Bon Echo provincial park. It took us a couple hours to get there but it was a very nice drive. We booked Cottage #6. This cabin can have up to six people staying. It is a two bedroom with a kitchen/livingroom and a bathroom with a shower. We had out stay from Sunday to Tuesday the 12-14 of June.

Of course our trip away would be a cold one! When we arrived at Marble Lake Lodge we were early for check in, so we took a look around the area. They have a children's play structure (this has seen better days and even had a sign play at your own risk), lots of camping sites and a nice little beach area. They have paddle boats you can take out for a tour, They only have a few but we were lucky during our stay that no one was interested in them at the same time as us. The cottage I had believed was on the water and it wasn't. It was up on the hill not far from the beach though. I would prefer one on the beach which would be cottage #4 or #5. This way the kids can play in the sand and you can start the dinner on the BBQ or get lunch started. The cottage itself was nice enough for a cottage getaway. Nothing fancy or very modern but your to be camping and enjoying the great outdoors, right! No cell service there, well a little just enough to get a tease for who emailed me but not enough to read anything. Again we are camping and well I was on holidays.

Of course it was rainy and cool as it was still the beginning of June. I was fine with it but D was almost ready to pack up after the first day. Men, eh? We enjoyed a nice camp fire the first night with s'mores, yummy. The kids loved it. We went out paddle boating, the kids were brave enough to enter the water. They played in the sand. We went to Bon Echo for a couple hours before it started to rain. They offer a pass to the park (with deposit) when you stay in the cottages or camp ground. We also watched some movies they have that can be rented free of charge.

One thing I didn't like about our cottage was the bathroom was outside attached to the porch, which had windows that didn't close. With our stay being rainy and we were right on the water, it was pretty cold going to the washroom or for a shower. Plus at night it was hard for the kids to go out to the washroom if need be as we locked the entrance door. Overall though I would go back but I would go in July or beginning of August for nicer weather and I would also ask for cottage #4 or #5.

~*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, it was written by Canadian Coupon Mom. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review. Makes me feel extremely jealous that we haven't gotten to go camping this year. Sigh.


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