Back-to-School Breakfast/Lunch Ideas #LMDConnector

Summer is quickly coming to an end and back-to-school is literally around the corner. This year my son will be heading into grade one and my daughter into SK. We try very hard to send wholesome homemade snacks with the kids.

My daughter is the harder of the two to pack a lunch for as she isn't a sandwich child and would rather a whole bunch of finger foods. While back-to-school shopping we picked up a bento like box for her to use this year vs all the litter containers I sent her to school with last year. We try to be very green when it comes to packing lunches for school or even for outings.

For my daughter I usually cut up cheeses, meat, veggies and some fruit, add crackers and a muffin, yogurt or other fun snack and a way she goes. My son loves his sandwich and will usually help get that ready along with his snacks. Both of my kids love muffins and I find it an very easy way to add fibre and more fruit/veggies. One kind of muffin I love to make (I'll even bake a double or triple batch and freeze some) are the Fibre 1 Flax Seed Morning Glory

My daughter also gave me a lot of trouble last year for eating breakfast as she doesn't like to get up and eat right away. I decided... smoothies or smoothie pops, muffins or breakfast bars. I have found that stuff that is already made up and easy to take on the way to the bus stop has been the way to go with her.

How do you simplify back-to-school breakfast and lunches?

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