Back-to-School with Brita Kids' Bottles

This summer has been hot and the best way to keep yourself hydrated and healthy is consuming water. I know I myself am not one to drink tap water. The taste of chlorine can be just too much. With Brita filters, tap water taste so much better. The Brita filter system removes the odour and chlorine taste!

We do drink a ton of water everyday and when I say a lot of water I really mean A LOT! I drink minimum 64oz and I try to have the kids drink 16-24oz a day. We have also been using reusable bottles for a few years now to help reduce the bottle waste.

Recently we were invited to try out the all new Brita Kids' Bottles. These are great little sports bottles that contain a Brita water filter right in the individual bottle. Right away I liked the idea and couldn't wait to have the kids try them out and see what they had to say about them.

Brita Kids' Bottles:
  • 384ml squeezable kids bottles in 3 fun designs
  • BPA free and recyclable
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only
  • Replace the bottle filter every 393 servings, two months
    or 151 Litres (1 serving = 384 mL)
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odour from tap water 1
  • Recommended for kids ages 4-8
The Brita Kids' Bottles will be available across Canada in August 2012 and retail for $8.99 (includes one filter), filters can be purchased in a two pack for $7.99.

Our thoughts:

My daughter received the Pink Butterfly Bottle which is just loves and hasn't used anything else for her water. She has been seen at the soccer field, the beach, around the house and even has put it beside her bed every night since getting it. She did find the pop top a bit tough the first couple days but I would think that was just because it was new and needed to be worked in.

My son received the Blue Sports Bottle and also loves it about as much as my daughter. He has also taken his every where. They are great for beside the bed or while watching tv as I am less worried about a mess. He loves the design and hasn't had any trouble with his bottle.
These kids sports bottles are great idea for Back-to-School as I know sometimes my kids can drink tons of water and they are very easy to refill throughout the day. My daughter has been able to fill hers up herself as needed. Both kids are excited to add them to their lunch bags this fall.

Take the Brita pledge to reduce bottle water waste!

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn on behalf of Brita Canada. We received the above product in exchange for our honest review.*~


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