Crazy Weekend

This past weekend was a pretty crazy one. An experience any of us don't really want to go through again. I worked overnights Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend and on Saturday morning I got a call from home, which I normally never get a call from home unless it is an emergency. Well hubby was pretty frantic with what had just happened at home and needed my advice. It was about 7:30 am and our Miss Molly had been sick everywhere, diarrhea and throwing up. I asked how she was and he said she was sleeping.

Around 5 minutes to 10, which I get off work at 10. I get another frantic call on my cell. Miss Molly had the diarrhea all over the kitchen and looked like she may be bleeding. Hubby now is totally freaking out and wondering what to do. I told him to keep her hydrated and I would be home very soon.

When I arrived home Miss Molly didn't meet me at the day like she normally does jumping to the sky, instead she was found laying in my bed barely lifting her head. She was very tired and not herself at all. I gave her water by a syringe and was able to get her to take 50ml. I didn't want to push it as I was afraid she would be sick again. We cuddled down and went to bed around 11:30am and hubby was going to check in on her frequently to make sure she was good and give her water. 

Around 3:30 she got up to go to the washroom and have more water and a small bite to eat. Around 7:30pm hubby let her back into the bedroom to wake me up for dinner and to get ready for work. Miss Molly was feeling much better and hopped up into bed giving me kissed and her back paw hit me in the eye.

My eye hurt for a couple minutes and then I was good. I headed into work and got through most of my shift until 5-5:30am. At this time I got a really sharp pain and stinging going on in the same eye that Miss Molly hit me in. It continued on all morning. I was lucky a staff coming in that morning had an unopened package of Polysporin eye drops. I used some and it helped a bit but getting through my morning routines were a challenge to say the least. They took a bit longer than normal as I had to stop many times to close my eyes as they watered and stung.

I went home Sunday morning and Miss Molly was pretty much good as new! YAY! I was very scared as we have all gotten quite attached to the little girl and love her to death. I put more drops in my eyes and went to bed. I got up to my eye feeling much better but still feeling like there was something in my eye. I continued my drops and headed off to work. This time it was much easier to do my work but still that eye is not good.

Monday I decided I would hit the clinic just to make sure no damage was done or infection. The Dr. did a bunch of tests and didn't see any scratches or infections. She told me that my eye may have had a small scratch and it was healing fast. She told me to continue with the Polysporin drops I had started and come back if there is pain, vision problem or stuff coming from the eye.

This morning I woke up to my favorite puppy tucked under the blankets, I guess she also found it cold in the bedroom. Hubby tried to move her out from under the blankets and she got really upset. He tucked her back in beside me before heading out to work.
We are all very happy that Miss Molly rallied around and is back to her hyper Molly self. I on the other hand still will be on the mend for a few more days but am also feeling a lot better than Sunday morning.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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  1. OH! It's never fun when pets get sick :( Glad to hear it was not serious and hope it does not return! Sorry about the eye, I've had that happen with our crazy dogs too! They just love us and get so excited :) Great post!! :)


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