Book Review - Elsa by Simon Gandossi

Elsa Baum dreamed of moving away from Germany a country she had watched everyday being dragged deeper into war by Adolf Hitler.

Everyone was under his spell, listening and believing in everything he told them. Elsa and her close friends were the exception, they despised the Nazi’s and were soon to learn the extent of their hatred towards others they considered a threat to their ideology of the perfect superior race. After a chance meeting with the daughter of a high ranking Nazi, feelings developed and she found herself a part of the minority the Nazis were trying to eradicate.

“I don’t want my story to inspire people nor make them sad; I want it to educate them because hate, homophobia and racism still exist today, and although the chance of another event like the Holocaust is rare; the world will never be rid of the foundations that cause hatred among us.
— Elsa Baum”

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My thoughts: Going into this book I kept a very open mind not really knowing what to expect. I had a feeling this may be a very hard read as it was based with the Nazis and the Holocaust but I really wanted to read it and get another point of view. The book started out with Elsa telling us about herself and that she isn't Jewish but she wasn't Nazi either like her parents and almost everyone else she knew.  
We meet Elsa's two best friends, Liz and Grata who are just like Elsa and does not approve of Hilter and what was happening. Liz is sent away to a boarding school to become a better Nazi and that left Elsa and Greta alone to figure out how to get out of Germany. Elsa meets Raina and it is love at first sight which is forbidden. Elsa and Raina are sent away to a concentration camp because they are found in a sexual act that is forbidden for same sex relationships at the time. 

This was a hard book to put down as I was pulled into finding out what will happen to Elsa and her friends but a few times I needed to put it down and walk away as the things happening were very hurtful. By the end of the book I was in tears. This is a heart wrenching book about love and hate. Be prepared as it is very hard on the heart strings. Innocent people are being killed for no reason but they are Jewish or have done something that is impure to the Nazis. 

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~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn on behalf of Promotional Book Tours. I received the above book for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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