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With the cold weather coming I am already thinking about next summer or at least going away somewhere warm. Yes I know it isn't that cold and there isn't even snow on the ground but I don't like winter. I do like the thought of taking a weekend and hiding in a nice little chalet on a ski area. The thought of a nice warm fire all bundled up in a cozy blanket and a nice cup of java or hot chocolate. Or maybe heading away somewhere warm for a week, to take in some swimming some sun!

How about making that more than a thought or dream? What if I told you I just heard about a new website where you can get rentals at great prices? is a new website to help people find vacation rentals or rent out their own vacation rentals. There is no cost to use Wantizen to find a vacation rental. It is also super simple. You are asked where you would like to visit, the dates and then you can also specify other things like pet friendly, free wifi etc. Right now you can choose from Orlando Florida, Honolulu Hawaii or Whistler BC with more coming soon. Once you find a place or two you like place an offer with the owner and sit back and wait for the owner to bid.

It is safe to send a bid to property owners without sending any personal information unless you contact the owners directly. There is also no obligation to buy if you are not happy with the price. It is a fun and safe place to find a great getaway rental. There will be new places added daily so it is good to check back frequently.

Extra bonuses when getting a vacation rental vs a hotel is all the extras that are included to make it feel like a home away from home. Some of the things that may be included are:

* lawn chairs
* cleaning supplies 
* "artisan" soap 
* fresh ground coffee 
* a cube of butter
* baguette
* cream
* fresh vase of flowers 
* spices, herbs and condiments
* microwave popcorn
* cooking oil
* jam, honey, tea, etc. 
* salt & pepper
* toilet paper
* paper towels
* laundry detergent
* can of Pam 
* sugar, sweetener
* sand toys
* iPod dock

Do you have a rental vacation property you would like to rent out? Click on List your property, it is quick and simple and you also have two options for fees - pay a yearly fee for unlimited listing and biding or just pay when you bid.

Enter to Win

Wantizen has two fun contests happening right now! Head over to the Wantizen's fan page on Facebook and enter the Photo Sweepstake to win one of two iPads!

Also head over to to enter to win $500 off your first rental. It is very easy to enter in 3 steps - 1. Sign up 2. Like & Share and 3. Plan your vacation.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn on behalf of All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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