Teethease jewelry Review

Finding the right products for baby can be sometimes a challenge. We want to make sure it is toxic free and not a choking hazard. I love to also shop Canadian if I can and support mom businesses.

I remember when both my kids were in their teething stage and it was so hard to keep them happy with something to chew on. Also most babies love to grab at their mothers jewelry. I remember never being able to wear a necklace unless it was on date night.

Back in April I featured a great Canadian company, Teethease that makes fun and funky jewelry for mom with the thought of a teething baby in mind. They are practical and affordable. My friend Diane and her baby tested out the Original Teethease pendant. This time I would love to tell you about some new products you can get from Teethease that my friend Jenn and her lil man tested out. 
Peyton and I have been using the Rock-ease for about a week a now and I am hooked. At first I was afraid Peyton might not like to chew on it because he seems texture picky. He doesn’t seem to like chewing on many of teething toys we currently have but much prefers to chew on our sleeves or my wallet. However, after two or three introductions Peyton grabbed hold and chewed like a teething mad man. When I first showed it to Peyton he put it in his mouth, chewed on it for maybe a minute then put it down and grabbed another toy.

The second time I tried to get him to use it he was quite sick and uninterested in anything. The third time I gave it to him I was on my way to a last minute meeting with six other faculty members and no babysitter. When we arrived Peyton was happy to see all of the new faces but after about 15 minutes he was bored and reached for the necklace, he played with it in his hands for a few minutes and then began to chew on it. He seemed to rotate through the different rocks. This, along with some bouncing, kept him content for about 35 minutes before he fell asleep for a nap. This is the best behaved Peyton has ever been at one of our infamous last minute meetings.

I washed the rock-ease in the dishwasher when I first received it and it came out completely intact and ready to use. The necklace is very durable; it was toted around in my work bag and didn’t end up with any scratches or indents causing sharp edges. Peyton’s top two front teeth are coming in now and he is chewing quite viciously these days. He sits with the rock-ease and chews it quite hard, with no scratches or indents when he’s done either. It also got an extra test from our 7 year old boxer who decided to give it a chew. Luckily, he only got hold of it for less than a minute before I was able to get it away from him and even that didn’t cause any damage to it!

I like the look of this necklace as it looks like some of the other jewelry I own and I can wear it with my suits when Peyton and I head into the college for meetings. I also saw some of the other color options on the internet and they are nice too. I like the fact that it has a closure that will eventually let go if it’s pulled on to hard and I also like that Peyton is now pulling on this necklace instead of my gold “mom” necklace and I don’t need to worry about him breaking it. The price is also quite reasonable. It is in line with what I would pay for some of the other jewelry I wear but it comes with the advantage that Peyton can chew on it, it keeps him entertained and he is not likely going to break it.

The only thing I didn’t like is that the little baby hairs on the back of my head sometimes got wrapped around the string between the rocks and would give that little, tugging feeling. The second time I washed it I did have to remove a few strands. But in the grand scheme of things I’ll sacrifice a few strands of hair for a quiet content baby during a meeting.

I would recommend this product for mom’s on the go or anyone who is interested in soothing the teething agony their child is coping with.
You can shop for your own Teethease at their website and don't forget to follow @MyTeethease and "Like" Teethease on Facebook to be first to know about new products, sales and more.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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