Yamuna Body Rolling Review

Do you suffer from aches and pains in your body? I have been suffering from back pain for a couple years now. It usually goes in spurts - a week here or there. It started because of a way I moved and I had about a month of massive pain in my lower back. I finally gave up and went for to the doctors for the pain. My doctor told me I had degenerative discs. He gave me no medication but told me I needed to strengthen my core by doing Pilates or yoga.

Recently I was introduced to Yamuna Body Rolling which is a yoga program like no other. Yamuna Zake who is the founder behind Yamuna Body Rolling. Yamuna Zake is a visionary, She is a master teacher and healer who has literally dedicated her life to understanding how the body works and helping others to create positive change in their bodies through what she has learned. Yamuna's vision is a fully aligned body with all of its capacity for movement free.

Using YBR you will improve posture and alignment, increased range of motion, and increased muscle tone, flexibility and organ function. Yamuna's methods are uniquely her own, but are a natural complement to other workouts like yoga or Pilates. There is a whole section on the website dedicated to YBR-Pilates Integration. There are also many video's over on Youtube also.

If you are in the area NYC West Village you can visit Yamuna beautiful studio. Yamuna also travels the  world teaching, speaking and giving lectures.

I checked out the Yamuna Yoga: Building a Strong Foundation kit which includes the gold ball and foot savers. This video shows you how to begin your Hatha Yoga practice by building a strong, flexible, and solid foundation. This practice takes you through how to master Tadasana and how to build continuing concepts that will allow you to work through an easier flow of standing postures whichever form you practice.

My life has been super crazy with working shift work etc but I have pulled out the video a few times and have really felt the muscles being used afterwards. If you are a workout wimp like I am you will want to start first with a "run" through or just watch to get what is being done. Next take your time and only push as much as you feel comfortable. I am working on getting through all the moves now with more confidence. It is really different with the foot savers being added to regular yoga poses. It has been a great experience so far and I will be trying to include this dvd in my regular day to day routines along with my almost 5 km walks.
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~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn on behalf of Yamuna Body Rolling. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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