Family Camping Trip 2013!

Last weekend we spent the weekend tent camping with the kids for the first time. We have "camped" in a cabin a couple summers ago and the kids have stayed with the grandparents camping in their trailer but this is the first time we have taken them tent camping. We were not sure how this would go but we figured they are at the age that it should be super enjoyable and both hubby and I missed camping. We have been having a hard time to coordinate our vacations but this year we managed to get a few days together and decided to get a camp site at a provincial park not too far from home.

We arrived Friday afternoon to set up our tent, chairs, screened tent and then headed out around the camp ground to explore.

The camp ground we stayed at was a nice big camp ground with 3 or 4 "sub" camp areas. We picked a camp site near the outhouse and one of the beaches but it was a hike to the comfort station which wasn't a big deal as we are camping and swimming.
We set up our new Coleman chairs around the fire pit and made a early dinner the first night as we wanted to explore more and attend a presentation about sharing our earth with endangered species. The kids have new chairs that they just love. P has a new blue constellation quad chair and A has the new purple star quad chair. The chairs are just the perfect size for kids and are easy for them to move, fold up and carry where ever they want them to be put. I also got a new chair this summer that is from the Coleman Sport Quad Chair line and is the nicest colour of purple! I love the chair but missed the side hanging pocket that we have on our other Coleman chairs. I was super comfy chilling by the fire at night and roasting marshmallows.

The presentation on Friday really opened my eyes to the fact that we don't have to go far to have endangered species. We have them in our own back yard. This was sad to hear what we as humans have been doing to harm the animals and bugs. My daughter was actually really sad as we learned about what has been killing the brown bats but then at the end of the presentation the kids got a chance to check out a grey snake that was about 6.5 feet long! This park has lots of snakes and I am super glad I can say I saw 2 the whole time there, 1 baby on a hike and the one at the presentation.

Saturday night we went to a presentation about the Micca mines and learned more about what Micca is used for. After getting back to our camp site we pulled our cozy chairs up to the fire and made some S'mores before bed.

Sunday morning arrived way to fast as we all were enjoying ourselves and taking in the nature around us. Relaxing and being technology-free minus my e-reader. I know I know but I wanted to read on my vacation and all the review books I have are e-books at the moment plus it made it easier for me to read in the tent without waking anyone.

D told me on Sunday morning when I woke that we had been robbed over night. I started to panic and he went on to tell me that a raccoon had stopped by for a visit. I had asked him if we should put the one bag in the van and he thought it would be safe in our screen tent. Nope it wasn't safe the raccoon got the last few peanut butter cups, graham crackers, a banana and a few slices of whole wheat bread. That guy got all the good stuff and left the rest.

All in all we had a fabulous time and I want to Thank Coleman Canada for our new comfy chairs that really helped us enjoy a cozy seat at the fire pit. We will be enjoying many more camping trips next summer. We can't wait!

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~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn on behalf of Coleman Canada. We received product in exchange for an editorial post. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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  1. Camping with a trailer is always be a fun specially when it comes to go out with your kids. I often go out with my Trailers for a day and that kept me very refreshing for whole day.
    Thanks for sharing!


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