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You can now follow Genuine Jenn on Bloglovin. If you haven't checked out Bloglovin here is a quick jest of it. If you have a list of blogs you have been following with Google Reader you will know Google has retired that form of following blogs. With Bloglovin you can import all your blogs from Google Reader over.

I used to follow a ton of blogs through email but that meant I would sometimes have tons of emails to go through and if I didn't have a chance to read/stop by the blog that day I ended up deleting the emails and not seeing those awesome posts. Eventually I ended up unsubscribing to most of my favorite blogs and just following through social media and having them in my computer faves.

With Bloglovin I get to combine all my favorite blogs in one email! This way I can scan through the email to see everyone's newest posts for the past day and visit each post when I get a chance. I love that I am also able to put then in groups to organize them as follows - food blogs, Book blogs, Knitting, Product review etc. This makes it great if I just want to look for a recipe or a book etc.

Discover new blogs that are similar to the ones you already follow by clicking on the button similar blogs when you follow your favorite blogs or search for other great blogs you may have never discovered. You can also follow your friends and see who they are following.

You can follow Genuine Jenn by clicking the image below or the image on my side bar ---------->

Follow on Bloglovin
I look forward to adding new blogs to my Bloglovin emails so if you have a blog please make sure it is in your profile and then leave a comment about what your blog is about. Please don't leave a link in the comment as Google doesn't like that and flags it as spam. Thanks!


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