Litter One Eco Friendly Cat Litter Solutions - Review

We have a zoo in our house as I am sure you know by now. Four cats, a dog and a rabbit makes for a super busy house along with our two kids.

Cleaning up after our pets can be very time consuming and well not really pleasant but you have to do it, right? Recently we had the opportunity to check out a more Eco Friendly option for our cats litter box.

As I sit here thinking about what to write I really can't say there is a whole bunch of information to tell you on this new product. Not because it is a bad product but because of its simplicity. It really is that simple. Simply made and simple to use.

Litter One is a 100% Biodegradable Eco-friendly litter box that lasts for 4-6 weeks. It is made with  When you order your litter box it comes with everything you need to clean the box and it sets up in seconds. The box itself is made out of card board and the "litter" is also 100% 
Natalie Robbins is the Founder of Litter One. Natalie is a cat lover that had a vision of creating a 100% American Made product that makes it Simple, Clean and Green to dispose of cat waste. Natalie grew up in the family lumber business, so she naturally mixed the two to develop her Litter One litter kits. Natalie's goal is for every cat family to have a Litter One litter kit delivered to their home on a monthly basis, creating a safer, more environmentally friendly product in their home which can be claimed “Made in the USA!” and “100% Biodegradable.”

Purchase Litter One on their website for $24.95 (Free shipping when you order 2 or more).  Right now use my custom code at checkout and receive $5 off your Litter One Litter Kit! Coupon Code JL12561

My thoughts: This system was great. I set it up before heading away for a week and didn't come home to a stinky box. Hubby said he cleaned the "regular" kitty box just shake for the "used" litter to go to the bottom and scoop the poop into poop bags that come along with the kit. My momma kitty isn't too sure about the box but the 2 other kitties love the box. It doesn't have a smell and no dust which is great for someone like myself with allergies. Three weeks later and it is still working well with little smell. Kittens are still loving it and I have caught Momma cat in it also.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn on behalf of Litter One. I received the above product in exchange for an honest review.*~

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  1. We have two cats and I am looking for an eco friendly type of litter.


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