Camp Carnage ~ First Book in New Horror Series Night Terrors!

Night Terrors is a series of horror books for young adults. It was launched in July 2014 by Elliot Arthur Cross and Joshua Winning, two genre authors who decided to join forces and take over the world. Sort of. There's more about them  at and

Camp Carnage is the first book in the Night Terrors catalogue and is released in paperback and eBook formats on 1 August 2014. Further Night Terrors novels will be released throughout the year.

Joshua Winning: “Camp Carnage is very much inspired by the slasher films we watched growing up. The idea came to me after I watched a documentary about gay summer camps. I thought it would be really funny to combine the story of a gay camp with a Friday The 13th-esque slasher.”

Elliot Arthur Cross: “We wanted to tackle the very real issue of gay camps in a tongue-in-cheek way. Those camps really do exist and they seemed like the perfect setting for a horror story. The scares pretty much wrote themselves!”

Camp Carnage Synopsis

In the summer of 1984, Billy Collins is sent to his own personal Hell – summer camp. The remote Camp Genesis offers desperate parents a place to “straighten” out their gay teenagers with the help of the puritanical Katherine Creevey.

Besides the typical horsing around, campfire tales and summer games, the Genesis program forces gay and questioning teens into humiliating gender-based lessons. While Billy wants nothing more than to escape Camp Genesis, he can’t help worrying that something even more sinister is hiding just out of sight.

Unknown to Billy, two campers were murdered three years ago. Just days after Billy and the new campers arrive, people start to go missing, and it’s up to Billy and his new friend Jem to find out what’s really going on. Is a maniac on the loose? Is history repeating itself? One thing’s for sure — at Camp Genesis, you have to fight to survive…
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