Prey of Desire Book Review

They said the disappearance of two high school students over 25 years ago was mystery that couldn't be solved. 
No one ever said it shouldn't be. 

Following the abrupt end of a relationship, college student Kimberly Bradford finds comfort in the friendship with her over-the-top neighbor, Mallory. And, Mallory encourages her to get back out there. She would of course if it weren't for the thrilling little love notes and gifts she's been receiving . 

Kim thinks they're from her ex-fiancee, not realizing he's been murdered. Worse, whoever is sending her all the extra attention is not only in her inner-circle, but has a connection to that unsolved murder some 25 years ago. That connection puts her life in danger, and exposes secrets better left buried around her closest friends and family.

About the author:

JC Gatlin lives in Tampa, Florida. In addition to regular fishing trips, he wrote a monthly column for New Tampa Style Magazine, then began penning several mystery/suspense stories. He also maintains a blog about mystery writing.
Coming from a large family with five brothers, JC grew up in Grapevine -- a small Texas town just outside of Dallas. He moved to Tampa in 1999, and most of his stories feature the rich landscapes of Texas and Florida as backdrop.

You can follow JC on his websitefacebookamazongoodreads and authors den.

You can purchase Prey of desire on amazon.

My review:

"If you forget me, there's something i want you to know..." As soon as I read this last sentence of the prologue I was hooked line and sinked!
JC writes an suspenseful story about a murder mystery, that started over 25 years ago. The killer has been quiet though, until recently Kimberly finds herself losing men to a psychotic killer who's removing his victims eyes before leaving them for dead. Who is it, and why? Will anyone listen to Kimberly's plea for concern and follow up with her suspicions? Her best friend Mallory thinks it's all in her head. 
I could not put this book down, and I was eagerly flipping through pages in the last two chapters, because who you expect to be the hero has his own dark secrets. I give this book 4 bright stars!

    ~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Cheryl. All opinions are honest and my own.*~

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  1. Thank you for reading and reviewing the book. I'm glad I had you at the prologue. :)


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