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As mom's and/or mom's to be we have them, and we have many. Next to diapers and wipes we are fully stocked and supplied with receiving blankets, all sizes, and adorable patterns possible. Why do we have them? To catch the all to-familiar baby spit up of course. Have you ever thought of another reason to use them for?

For me, they were used to swaddle for bed, and to keep warm after being buckled in the car seat. I also used them as a sunshade for the car seat, stroller or while babywearing. That sun can be harsh on sensitive skin and since sunscreen can't be used in the first 6 months this was another beneficial use.

Are you nursing? You can use it as a cover if you'd like. My kids were fine with that till they opted to not have their little world blocked, and nursing would soon involve a game of peek-a-boo filled with milky giggles. 

When my children were still infants and the milky spit ups were inevitable, I would use the longest receiving blankets in their crib as a spit up catcher. I would fold it in half lengthwise and stretched it across the width of the bed and tucked in any loose ends. This way when a little spit up did occur, I could save myself the hassle and just toss the receiving blanket in the wash, and not needing to change the all the bedding.

Was also great just to toss one on the floor so they had a clean tummy time space, or maybe we needed to change a diaper and having some protection during those blowouts ;)

Now that my children have both outgrown the traditional need for a receiving blanket. My daughter now has all the lightly used ones in her dolly collection and uses them for all the same reason's I might have when she was that small!

Thank you for stopping by for October's Newsletter, now here is the message for Disney Baby...

Moms are creative by necessity. Getting through daily tasks with little ones in tow often requires resourcefulness and some imaginative solutions. To support that ever-present mom-genuity, Disney Baby has put together a list of the many ways you can use one of the most ubiquitous of baby products: the receiving blanket. Because when it comes to taking care of babies, there are always more ways than one.

USE #1: Nursing cover

Lightweight and easy to fold up and store, receiving blankets make excellent nursing covers. Tie a knot in one corner and rest it over baby’s head to help keep the blanket in place. Plus, when you’re done, a slight adjustment turns it into a....

USE #2: Burp cloth

Throw a receiving blanket over your shoulder to wipe your baby’s face and protect your clothes from post-feeding spit up.

USE #3: Coverlet

If your baby is chilly, receiving blankets are the perfect way to add a quick layer. They can also be used to soothe your little one, as something to hold, snuggle or chew.

USE #4: Changing mat

Receiving blankets make great changing mats, especially when you’re out in public. Simply fold the blanket and lay it down on a flat surface to create a soft, easy-to-clean changing station.

USE#5: Play mat

Lay a blanket on the ground to give baby a clean surface to play on. If your little one is playing with lots of toys, keeping them on the receiving blanket also helps to make clean up a breeze: just gather the corners together to pick everything up at once!

USE #6: Sunshade

Drape a receiving blanket over the front of your stroller to create instant shade, or block the sun from your car by tucking one into the top of the window. In both cases, the blanket will cut the glare and help keep baby nice and cool.

USE #7: Dress-up

When your baby is a little bit older, you can use your receiving blankets in play. Throw them in the toy box, so your little one can use them as veils, capes, scarves or to swaddle their own baby dolls.

Did you know? Disney Baby makes some adorable receiving blankets, including this “Peek-a-Boo Pooh” set.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Cheryl. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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