Erotic Daydreams by Valerie Brundage ~ Book Review

Book Description: 

Let Valerie Brundage’s imagination fuel your naughty fantasies and take you to those secret places where your libido beckons. Vicariously walk on the wild side as the women in her stories explore their desires—ladies only, ménage, rough and edgy, ice play, being watched…and more. All you have to do is pour yourself a glass of wine, turn on your e-reader and wait for the erotic daydreams to begin.

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About the Author: 

I began writing again after 17 years doing the "married thing." I realized two things: it was more than my imagination that was being held back, and I'm enjoying starting to live out some of those dark sexy urges as much as writing about them.

I've always been open to new experiences hearing about others. I like to read fiction that doesn't shy away from the sex people have, because to be honest, people have sex. Sometimes for the wrong reasons, sometimes for the reasons they're not admitting. That's why it's such an important part of writing truthfully about how people interact with people.

My writing teachers told me to tell the truth and to not be scared. So I write about dark desires. Kissing that person (of any sex) you aren't supposed to kiss. And inviting the wrong person to see something they aren't supposed to see.

Not because it's wrong. Because you learn something about yourself when you embrace your inner desires.

I'm new at this, after 100 poems back in high school and I think I have been thinking up alternate histories in my head the entire time.

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This is a great little bundle of erotic short stories. They jump right into the action and can be read in on sitting or over a few. Included is a little for everyone. A couple of the stories were not really my cup of tea, but I do admit they are steamy. I am not into public humiliation or sex in public so those ones were not my favorite. I also found the last one I didn't really get. I did like the rest of the stories, I believe there were 8 in total.

The first half of the book read really well, the characters and stories were fast paced and action packed. I did find the editing didn't hold out all through the book, if you are just looking for a sexy read then that likely wont bother you. I do have a hard time with errors in novels of any kind.

I would be interested in reading more from this author as I do like her writing. I'm giving this book a 3.5 out of 4 stars.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Genuine Jenn. I received a copy of the above book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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