Halloween Activities & Reviews

Halloween is such a fun time for kids of all ages. How do you prepare for Halloween? We like to decorate the house, bake fun Halloween treats, make or buy our costumes, read Halloween books and make Halloween crafts.

This year we have made fun Halloween cupcakes during a Collective Bias shoppertunity and we also made a few spider cookies. The kids really enjoyed the Halloween cupcake decorating I think the best as it was easier for them to do than the spiders.

Next we went to playgroup and made some fun ghost with white cardboard and colored pasta, rice and tissue paper! This is such a simple craft but oh so fun. We will be doing more over the weekend. We have our pumpkins to crave and foam pumpkins to decorate.

We also had the chance to review three fun Halloween stories thanks to our great friends at Thomas Allan & Sons Ltd. The books we had a chance to review were Halloween Mice by Bethany Roberts, What Am I? Halloween by Anne Margaret Lewis and Mouse and Mole A Perfect Halloween by Wong Herbert Yee.
Halloween Mice! By Bethany Roberts: This little book is made of cardboard and is all about a little group of mice who head into the pumpkin patch to have a party on Halloween night. They do run into danger and have to figure out how to how to get away from the big cat but they put their heads together and make a scary shadow to scare off the cat! It is recommended for ages 4-6
Mouse and Mole A Perfect Halloween by Wong Herbert Yee: Mouse is very excited for Halloween, busy getting all decorated with scary skeletons and spider webs but Mole on the other hand is scared of Halloween and doesn't know if she wants to have anything to do with scary Halloween. Mouse and Mole are best friend's and Mouse decides she will help Mole overcome the fear of Halloween with a bedtime story. This is a very cute book. This book is divided into a four small chapters which makes it a great little children's book. For little ones under 4 you could read a chapter at a time each night for four nights. My kids loved it and also very excited to see more books about Mouse and Mole in the series.
What Am I? Halloween by Anne Margaret Lewis: This book is geared for young readers ages 4-8. Throughout the book the left page gives a description and then on the right page asks what am I? What could I be? The right page is also folded over and that is where the creature, person or animal is hiding while the children guess what/who they are. This went over really well with both my children, P has said out of the three Halloween books this one is his favorite. I agree with P this one is my favorite also!
Happy Halloween!!

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom. We received the 3 books complimentary for review purpose from Thomas Allen & Son Ltd. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


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