Saturday Snack Time at Tim Hortons - #EqualCanada #cbias

My mission this weekend was to snag hubby or a friend and head out to Tim Horton's to enjoy some "me time". I asked a couple friends who were pretty busy this weekend and I asked dear hubby but of course this is his weekend to work and it's going to be a long and busy weekend for him.

Either way I was heading to Tim Horton's this weekend. So....Who did I go with you ask??

Well it wasn't really "me time" but it was a nice afternoon activity for the kids and I. I was in need of some time out of the house and not just in the grocery store. I figured a coffee for me and a snack for the kids sounded like a great plan.
We went to the Tim Hortons out the highway of our town. Our downtown Tim Hortons is small and right now it is under construction with a portable Timmies. We have two Timmies in a town with 9,000 people. I am actually shocked we don't have one more on the other side of town near our mall. This Tim Hortons we went to today is in between Harvey's/Swiss Chalet and Pizza Hut/Subway. It is also across the road from Wal Mart!

The parking lot was pretty busy but it wasn't too busy inside, most of the traffic I think was either going through the drive through or in the other restaurants.
We do not go to Tim Hortons that often so it really is a nice treat for myself and the kids. They were super excited to see all the different donuts and even Halloween and NHL Sentors Donuts. Sorry no photo of the Sentor donuts P was in charge of the camera while I ordered and asked if they had Equal as a sweetener option.
My daughter making this weird smile she does now.
P was snapping anything that caught his eye.
My son taking a self-portrait
The kids decided on Timbits and Chocolate milk and I got a large coffee with two milk. I asked the lady at the counter what option they have for sweeteners and she told me only Splenda. I asked if they will bring in Equal soon and I was told she will look into it for me and see if they can. The lady was very friendly. I will remember to fill in the comment survey online to request it again, comment on the friendly service and for a chance to win free coffee for a year!

The kids were so happy to be at Tim Hortons that I barely had a chance to take a picture before they were into and almost done their snack. Right now Tim Hortins has these cute little Halloween boxes.

The also have a few Halloween treats - pumpkin spice donuts and timbits and dipped donuts with Halloween sprinkles. Yum! I was able to get one timbit away from the kids for myself and a couple to save for daddy. That took a lot of convincing that it would be nice if they would keep a couple for daddy.

For some odd reason the cap is always crooked. haha

A was so happy for timbits she couldn't wait for the second one.
I usually only take milk or cream in my coffee sometimes I will feel the need for a sweeter coffee and I will request sweetener. I stopped adding sugar about 6 or 7 years ago switched to sweetener and then I think about 2 years ago switched to no sweetener. I do go with my participants from work who most of them will get sweetener especially one who is diabetic and loves his sweets. All sweeteners do taste different and it would be great if there would include Equal in their options.
We also made the trip educational with counting. We counted chairs, bowls, napkins, people, pictures etc. We added and subtracted people when they came and went. Both A and P did well until A got a little giddy and pretty much started Duck duck goose to count chairs in the area we were sitting at.

My son spotted this sign on the way out as it was busy by the door we came in we went out the other side and around to our van. P asked why we didn't get the tasty lasagna? Well we just ate lunch less than 2 and a half hours before. Maybe another time we will try out the lasagna.
Have you checked out Equal Canada website? You can find some great recipes and learn more about living with Diabetes if you or someone you know is Diabetic. Don't forget to "Like" Equal Canada on  Facebook and on Twitter to join in on the conversations - use the hashtag #EqualCanada.

~*Disclaimer: This post was written by Canadian Coupon Mom. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. I tried the lasagna during my visit ;)

  2. Ohhh, your post makes me so hungry!! And, it's so cold here already - I could use some soup myself.


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