Out for Breakfast while at Blissdom Canada

Over the last few days I have been in Toronto for the 2nd Annual Blissdom Canada Conference. Just as I arrived in Toronto I found out I was accepted to join in a Social Fabric shopportunity by #cbias. The mission? To enjoy a coffee while at the Conference with my fellow bloggers and see if the restaurant offers Equal.

Today I want to talk about coffee sweeteners, Equal sweeteners to be exact. I LOVE coffee! I also love good food and conversations with a great friend.

On my last day in Toronto, Alyssa from A Motherhood Experience and I headed out early morning to have breakfast on our last day in Toronto. We decided we wanted great coffee with our breakfast so we head just down the street to Tim Horton's on King St, I believe. This weekend there was a big running marathon going on downtown which made the Tim Horton's SUPER busy.

This meant we had a pretty big line up that was twisted and almost out the door when we arrived. To our surprise the line moved very fast which was great as we needed a coffee and food badly.

While standing in line I noticed a sign that asks if customers have seen their new recycling bins. I really enjoy seeing stores and restaurants recycling! To my surprise there are still quite a few that don't.
Yay! We are just about ready to order our breakfast! The staff where pretty friendly even when the customer beside me wasn't understanding or maybe listening that the coffee she had grabbed was my coffee not hers and almost walked off with it while I was paying :(

While waiting for my food I noticed something great behind the counter...
I didn't know Timmies was getting a Latte machine! Am I that out of the loop? I don't remember my usual one having it. I am now super excited, hoping my home town Timmies will have it soon also.
I ordered a Breakfast sandwich combo with a Large coffee and hash brown. I used to drink sweetener in my coffee but I don't anymore. I was curious to see what they do offer people to sweeten their drinks. The young man at the counter handed me a Splenda and a regular white sugar. When I asked him about Equal he didn't know why they don't offer it and apologized about not having it.

Alyssa and I had a conversation about the lack of choice for sweeteners in restaurants and who we know that use sweeteners and why they use them. It actually was nice to get to know each others personal life more than we already know.
While we were waiting in line we noticed a QR scan code, when scanned customers could fill in a customer survey and be entered to Win coffee for a year! Based on 1 medium coffee for 365 days. Wouldn't that be nice? So I scanned the code and filled in the comment survey for my pretty good service on a very busy day. I did request more options for sweeteners with Equal being my main request.

So in the end? Mission #EqualCanada failed but we enjoyed a great breakfast between two good friends.

Follow @EqualCanada on Twitter, "Like" Equal on Facebook and Visit Equal  on their website for more information and great recipes using Equal.

~*Disclaimer: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias. All opinions are honest and my own.*~


  1. Awe! Jenn, I had such a fantastic weekend :) Thank you for including me in your wonderful post - I agree restaurants should offer more choices of sweeteners! Not everybody uses the same kind! Great post!

  2. Lattes?!!? No way!!
    Like I need another reason to visit daily, right?!

  3. BTW - it was wonderful to have gotten to know you at Blissdom Canada!! Hope we cross paths again soon Jennifer!

  4. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I know, Lattes!

    It was great meeting you at Blissdom Canada! I hope I will be able to attend again next year.


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